Flameout vs Celebrex

So I’ve been having knee pains after workout out 2 weeks ago. Had been resting it and it got a bit better but as soon as I tried light half mile jog it hurt again. Went in to the doctor today and after having an MRI I don’t have tear luckily but it is inflammed and my knee is loose or something. Don’t really remember exactly what he said. He gave me some celebrex and sent me to a rehab to learn some exercises I can do and how to tape up my knee.

Anyways once I finish the packets of Celebrex he gave me I was thinking is Flameout and/or FA3 essentially the same thing? Whats the difference because I’d rather not be on a prescription medicine.

I already have started taking Fish Oil for about 3 weeks now.

If it makes any difference the workout that caused it was:
Wed: Ran 5 mile Fartlek
Thurs: Off
Friday: 3x6 Squats at 220, 3x6 Powercleans into front squats at 115, 1x20 Squats at 165, then a set of Sprints (6x30sec Sprints w/ 4min rest between)
Saturday: Ran 3 mile

the run on Saturday was brutal and my legs have never felt as bad as they did when I finished that run.