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Flameout vs. Animal Omega


Could somebody explain me the difference between the fish oil in both of these supplements?

Is it basically the same or is there a significant difference between the two products, thanks.


perhaps you could post up the stats for Animal Omega

Flameout is 4.6g fish oil per serving, and 2200/800mg DHA/EPA IIRC


Here's the animal omega label. There's plenty of info already on Flameout on this site. And yes, there is quite a bit of difference.


One thing I did find interesting about Animal Omega is the lack of information on how much EPA and DHA is in their product. I'm not saying it's a bad product, but personally I would prefer to know this information before considering whether or not it's a good purchase.


The borage and EPO is a nice addition (imo), however the flax oil at the top of the n3 list is a little troubling. Not sure; it could be good, or it could be expensive ALA with a couple grams EPO. Hard to judge. Better to stick with something that lists clear values, imo.


typically done because they ratios suck, i don't use every Biotest product but having searched everywhere, including doctor supplied product from orthomolecualr solutions i can say with a fair amount of confidence that nothing comes even close to Flameout.


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Sell it for Flameout :stuck_out_tongue:


Carlson's Fish Oil?