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Flameout Timing


if someone is taking 4 Flameout caps a day is there a difference if you take all 4 at once or spread out in the day?


It's not a huge deal, but might as well spread them out if you can. Make sure to take them with meals and try to avoid taking them directly before or after lifting. If your only taking 4 caps, I'd say take 2 with breakfast and 2 with dinner. Done and done.


ya i currently do 2 and 2 and sometimes another 2. But I'm curious if a large oveload gets into the system better than a small trickle.


I try to take 1-2 capsules before each meal since it may have positive effects on insulin management.


With taking it before a meal don't you risk having the fatty acids being oxidized for energy use?


I don't believe that this is an issue that most people need to worry about.

Maybe you'd want to avoid taking your daily dose before running a marathon, but then again I think there are positive effects with consuming DHA and EPA at times like this.


I'm still under the impression, based solely off articles that I have read on this site, that taking fish oil in the middle/end portion of your meal is optimal, as you will still receive the positive effects of insulin management while ensuring that the oils aren't utilized simply for energy purposes.


I've been following CT's current suggestion of taking all fish oil at night.

Also, I remember reading an article (think it was by Mike Robertson) advising to not take anything that increases insulin sensitivity around a workout I.E. Fish oil, Cinnamon etc.