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Flameout, Superfood and... What?


I'm on a budget and seeking for 1 (perhaps 2 if absolutely 'necessary') more supplement. Naturally, I thought that a protein supplement would be the right thing to purchase, but I can also get protein shakes at my gym (albeit probably of inferior quality), so I don't know if I should go with a random inferior protein shake and instead buy another supplement or just buy a good protein supplement.

Some info: I'm 19yo and a skinny, tall guy. Sometimes I face problems consuming enough food a day (trying to add some serious mass right now), I usually suffer from extreme muscle soreness after training and I get tired relatively fast during my workouts (though this is more of an I-consume-carbs-with-a-suboptimal- glycemic-index-prior-to-training-or-just-too-little-carbs-in-general related problem, so this has a very low priority).

I have read the stacks article, but the explanation is limited and the amount of products is usually above my budget (aside from Flameout and Superfood I have money for 1, maybe 2 more supplements) and I'm not sure if the article is slightly outdated. Therefor, I am asking for your help.

Thanks in advance.


Give us a typical days diet of yours. That will help. Remember, in general, supplements are a supplement to your diet.


I'd go with Metabolic Drive Complete and/or Surge Recovery.


I wake up and consume some fruits (i like kiwi/banana/strawberry) along with whole milk, 4 slices of bread with (natural) peanut butter thick layer, next meal i eat fish (usually tuna) and usually some tomatoes and avocado or something, then next 'meal' (which is more like a snack) i eat nuts (cashew, almond, walnut, peanut,) and drink some coconut milk for the easycalories, dinner i eat whatever my parents bring me (yes i live with my parents) and a glass of whole milk, then in the evening usually more nuts (not really balanced i guess but i wouldn't know what else to eat, maybe a salad?) and another glass of whole milk.

Right now I take an omega 3-6-9 fish oil supplement and a basic vitamin supplement.


Surge will get you through your workout better and is probably the most important thing for building muscle IMO


if you're on a budget you shouldn't be purchasing individual protein shakes from your gym. do yourself a favor and buy a tub of Surge Recovery or something.


This info...

plus that ridiculously low protein diet you just described, has me wanting to suggest either Metabolic Drive or Metabolic Drive Complete.

If money is really tight, I'd rather have you drop the Superfood and instead concentrate on Surge Recovery during your workouts and shakes made with Grow! whey, milk, fruit, and other goodies during the day. (Kind of a budget-friendly, build-your-own weight gainer)

Just for squirts and giggles, what's your current height and weight?

How much weight have you gained in the last month?

What's your training look like?


Looks like you just need to eat more protein in general. I'd spend your money on more lean protein in your diet, worry about supplements when you get everything else figured out. Not going to gain as much mass as you're looking for with milk and nuts!


the protein shakes are free

i'm somewhere between 6'0 - 6'1 and weigh 66kg

..............2kg, lol

benchpresses, squats, deadlifts, machine flies, inverted flies, row, bicep curls (free weights), triceps pull down, chin-ups, pull-ups, ab-work

what would be good examples of lean protein, except chicken breasts? (no i'm not a vegetarian, but i'm not that fond of huge amounts of chicken)


Fish and buffalo/bison. You can buy extra lean beef as well.


ok thanks, I will load up on fish then (already taking a decent amount of it though) as I like that the most, and get some more meat in my diet


Specific to fish, tilapia is very lean and very delicious. Salmon is also a good lean fish, tasty, and depending on where you live and the time of the year, it can be pretty well-priced. Of course, tuna is always pretty cheap.

As for other meats, you can buy center-cut bacon and turkey sausage for some protein in the morning. Both are quite low fat (assuming you cook them enough) and are just really tasty and easy protein.