Flameout Strikes Again!!!

After battling high cholesterol for all his life, I finally convinced my husband to start taking Flameout about 6 weeks ago. Needless to say, we were hoping for an improvement, but not as significant as it turned out.

Total cholesterol- 276
LDL- 171
Triglycerides- 350

Total- 171
LDL- 80
Triglycerides- 170

My husband wasn’t all that keen on taking more pills in addition to his already monstrous medication intake (he’s disabled and has had 7-8 back surgeries), but he’s convinced now!!!

Cngrats!!! Thats HUGE progress in 6 weeks. over 100 off total and LDL and Tri. more then halved

Any word on the HDL Counts?

Thanks for sharing.

That IS amazing. My cholesterol has been high (although not THAT high), and this gives me another reason to be glad I take Flameout…which I see is currently out of Stock. Dang!

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How much was he taking in terms of EPA/DHA (daily)?

“Can you say whether there were any other lifestyle changes that might have contributed to this awesome improvement, or are you definite that Flameout was the only variable?”

I can say that it’s definitely the only variable that has changed for him. He takes 4 capsules/day.

His HDL didn’t change at all, it’s still 40, but then he’s physically unable to exercise due to his disabilities.

Needless to say, not only was his doctor thrilled, but I was too (proof positive that it works!!)

Watching Shark Week on DSC, and I couldve sworn this was the thread about Flameout being back in stock.

Good - but unsurprising - news.