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Flameout, Rez-V, and Superfood Post-Workout?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking a serving of Flameout, Rez-V, and Superfood as part of a post-workout meal?

I take Flameout two times- half dose in between lunch and dinner, the other after dinner. I take Superfood in the morning. When i took Rez-V i would take it in the morning.

My thoughts about taking Flameout pwo- i dunno if it would be the best idea. I heard Dave Barr on superhuman radio suggesting fish oil pre workout to help with metabolic wastes. I’ve also heard (not substantiated) that a little inflammation pwo is better- that it contributes to recovery. I don’t know if I buy that.

Rez-V I can’t see any disadvantages to taking pwo. It’s a powerful antioxidant and working out creates oxidative stress. Same with Superfood.

I’m interested to hear other peoples thoughts.

Thanks byukid.

I hear your point about pwo inflammation being not all bad.

I’ve been discussing this with a guru of mine.

He reads a lot of scientific journals.

Here’s the article that prompted it:

I’m also really curious about the optimal times to take Superfood, Rez-V, and Flameout.

What’s your reasoning for taking fish oil, PWO?

[quote]tw0scoops2 wrote:
What’s your reasoning for taking fish oil, PWO?[/quote]

I found that sometimes my energy would crash 1-2 hours after my PWO meal.

I would have the usual mix of 2:1 carbs to protein such as: maybe 2 bananas and/or 2 cups of juice, etc., and 20-40g of whey.

Now I know that I needed to eat another proper meal usually 1-2 hours after the initial PWO meal but I didn’t think I should have been crashing as much as I was. (I wasn’t taking any preworkout stimulants).

So I intially lowered my the ratio to 1:1. But I felt that my recovery was negatively affected as was my muscle firmness, etc.

I then decided to go back to 2:1 but started taking fish oil with it.

I found that my response to all the sugar/simple carbs and relatively fast acting whey isolate seemed to be smoother.

What do you think?

I’m not diabetic. But I am very sensitive to carbs.

This is a really interesting topic but one I’m afraid is largely unexplored in science. Having said that, I do remember someone (CT or Poliquin perhaps?) saying he would not suggest using Superfood post workout.

Now, I don’t think they explained their reasoning in the article (or possibly a response to someone’s question), but it did remind me of A conversation I had a while back with Dr. Janet Wallace.

Dr. Wallace is an expert in the relationship between exercise and disease. She believes there is some evidence that consuming antioxidants post workout could reduce your body’s natural upregulation of antioxidants in response to exercise–here I’m talking about SOD (Superoxide Dismutase).

However, this increase only occurs in response to MODERATE intensity exercise; exercising at a high intensity will actually lower your body’s production of SOD. So, maybe most of us here could benefit from supplemental antioxidants post workout, as I’m assuming most of us hit the weights pretty hard most of the time.