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Flameout Out of Stock?


I'm anxious to get myself a couple bottles of Flameout and take advantage of the free Metabolic Drive bars. Any chance Flameout will be back in stock before the deal is off? (Maybe you could give your manufacturing crew some Power Drive.)

If not I'll just buy two boxes of bars and get one free. They won't go to waste. The chocolate chunk flavor taste like you're cheating!


We'll probably have to discontinue the current Metabolic Drive Protein Bar special prior to getting FLAMEOUT in stock since we don't have enough bars to continue it much longer.

The delay has nothing to do with manufacturing, however. It's due to a temporary shortage in the super-concentrated DHA/EPA complex that is used in FLAMEOUT.


Flame Out of stock, is that the new name? I was also wanting to buy a couple of bottles to take advantage of the free bars.

Oh well. It's kinda funny, I was looking to get over the $50 mark to get the free bars and couldn't figure out why I had to pay for shipping. Then it dawned on me that I wasn't placing my usual $100+ order. I'll just have a head start for next month.


??? New Name its a new supp not a new name for an old one??


I was just poking fun at the fact they are out of stock.


That gust of air you felt... was the joke flying over your head.


Phil must be blonde.


When will we have some? Give me date please. I want at least a year supply when you get it back




I concur, it seems like it's been out of stock for a long time.


With any luck Flameout will be in stock within the next week.