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Flameout or Poliquin EPA/DHA 780

I’ve waited for so long for Flameout that I’ve had to consider alternatives, so seeing as I go there for my biosig assessments, I figured I’d throw some money to PPC for their fish oil supplement. Here is a comparison:


Serving Size: 4 softgels

kCal: 52

Total Fat: 5.6g (1.4g per softgel)

DHA: 2200mg (550mg per softgel)

EPA: 880mg (220mg per softgel)

Poliquin EPA/DHA 780:

Serving Size: 1 softgel

kCal: 13

Total Fat: 1.4g

DHA: 450mg

EPA: 330mg

As you can see, Poliquin’s version contains about 20% less DHA per softgel, and about 50% more EPA per softgel. It should be noted that Flameout also has some CLA as well, however.

All in all, not a bad alternative in a pinch. Though 2 bottles cost me about a hundo canadian, versus…well after shipping, it’d be the same if you’re north of the border, haha. Nudge nudge.