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Flameout, Natural Triglycerides?

I’ve been reading a lot about how fish oils in their natural triglyceride form are best for absorption. Does anybody know if the fish oil in Flameout is in its natural triglyceride form?

Also, if you have any knowledge about this topic, is the whole natural triglyceride thing overrated?

Not one hundred percent positive on the natural triglycerides but I’d bet good money on it. Flameout is really vastly superior to just about anything else. The high concentration of DHA and EPA alone make it worth the price. If you call customer service I’m sure they can answer the natural triglycerides question for you.

First, we must define “natural”. Muahahahahahahhahahhaaaaaa!

Seriously though, I would imagine Flameout would be good as far as that goes, but can’t say for certain. Sry.

If you so concerned this such detail you could just eat the right ratio of omega 3’s to omega 6’s in your diet and your body produces the right amounts of EPA and DHA for you. BTW, if you buy any fish oil supplement, chew the caps so they break open in your mouth. If it tastes fishy the oil has gone rancid due to heat, light, or air exposure either during processing or during shipping. I’ve never had Flameout.

And no the natural thing is not overrated. Unnatural oils are formed when fats are exposed to heat light or oxygen and become rancid and actually bad for your health. The bonds become twisted and the fat molecule takes on news shapes and acts completely different then the actual oil you think your taking. If you want natural, don’t buy oil from the store and if you must the only acceptable brand if virgin olive oil. Most come in containers completely exposing them to light though. You could buy seeds (the natural protection from heat light and air) at the store and make your own oil though.

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The worst part is all that information is 100% fact except I forgot to add the “right kinds and ratio of omega 3’s and omega 6’s” while typing fast. The message is check you oils my friends. No one cares about your health, they care about profit and good fresh oils and fats would be considered to much of an investment to most consumers although ironically they spend so much on healthcare that could be for the most part prevented.

That is the beauty of trusting a supplement company.

Biotest I luff u

Does anyone have their bottle of Flameout handy? I went back through some research and it says verbatim

"In present labeling practice, most of the information that you need to know about an oil (relevant to health) is left off the label. Manufacturers are not required to state on a label when an oil has been degummed, refined, bleached, deodorized, or even partially hydrogenated, and they therefore do not give this information

If an oil is unrefined (in its natural state–not degummed, not refined, not bleached, not deodorized, not partially hydrogenated) the word ‘unrefined’ will appear on the label. If the label does not carry this word, it is degummed, refined, bleached, and deodorized, and is an oil which natural ingredients important to to health have been removed, and in which fatty acids altered by heat, light, oxygen and processing - and detrimental to health - are present…

…If we want quality we must first know quality. That’s not easy in a world of high-tech smoke and mirrors, unless we educate ourselves or stick to what is simple and natural. IF we know AND insist on quality, we will get quality"

Fats that heal, fats that kill: the complete guide to fats, oils, cholesterol, and human health by Udo Erasmus pg. 136-149

easy test? put fish oil in a styrofoam cup for a bit, obviously break the pill open. If it seeps through no good :wink:

Dude, you guys got me trippin. How about pure oil (liquid form) from natural food stores? I’ve seen it in this form but am weary about the flavor? I am willing to bet my ON Fish oil pills are trash. lol

[quote]h0nkey46 wrote:
Dude, you guys got me trippin. How about pure oil (liquid form) from natural food stores? I’ve seen it in this form but am weary about the flavor? I am willing to bet my ON Fish oil pills are trash. lol[/quote]

this is what I do, economical and lemon flavor > orange surprisingly.

also drizzle it on the dog’s food

ON is a solid company, I would be surprised if their FO wasn’t good

Hell yes for dog nutrition!!! They deserve the best! Can’t skimp out on nutrition, even for the pups.

EDIT; (insert funny pic) I’m at work…