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Flameout: How Long to See Results?

I just added Flameout to my daily vitamins and supplements.
Does this stuff really work and how long before I see or notice any results?

i like it. the “results” would be less inflammation.

What do you expect it do to? And what do you mean by “work”? Its not a steroid. However it is a very good idea to supplement with fish oil, numerous health benefits. I’m not sure if you’ll actually notice anything different thogh.

What do you mean by results? And what do you expect it to do when you say “work”? It’s a great idea to supplement with fish oil, numerous health benefits. I’m not sure if you’ll notice anything different though.

I noticed nothing at all.

Fish oil has shown to provide numerous health benefits, will you notice them…probably not.

What do you mean by “work” and “results”?? Its not a steroid.

Its one of those foundational things your body needs. Dont expect miracles short term with it on your body, but long term provided you have everything else dialed in (diet + training), I am positive you will see something from using it.

define works?

It’s not going to be some magical pill to cause you to reach your goals on it alone.

for overall health it’s a great idea
for body comp it’s a good idea

that’s about it.

what do you expect from it?

For me “works” means “improve my lipid profile”. And, yes, it works. My profile is the best it’s been in years.

I had a chronic inflamation issue in my forearm/bicep area. COuldn’t go for surgery, and the Orthopedist was kind of baffled. A year later, taking 4 Flameouts a day a few extra store brand fish oils,… I’m good as new. My physical therapist actually started taking them for his own issues after I rebounded a few weeks after starting on them.

A side note,… I also seem to hold on to a lot more muscle when I diet by having the fish oils every day.


People take it for its health benefits, not because it “makes you huge”