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Flameout, How Is It Kept Cold Enough?


i just started taking Flameout & im hope to heal up some neglected injuries. i did some reading of course and one bit that concerned me was the claim that the capsule process heats up fish oil (damaging it). does anyone happen to have an explaination of this. the advert article of Flameout doesn't mention their capsulation process & i could not find previous discussion of this topic on a forum search. basically im questioning Flameout hoping that there is a positive answer. thanks.


i don't know anything specific about Flameout, but I know a little about food ingredients.
DHA & EPA could stand heat treatment, no problem.
it's the oxidation of these good oil that should be the concern.


Biotest prides itself on being top quality. you need not be worried about them destroying the fats during processing

by the way fish oil will not "heal up" injuries. however, they will reduce inflammation and make, say a sore wrist feel better

proper rehab (and maybe some GH or var) will help your injuries :wink:


The temperature used in capsule filling is very mild. There is no issue at all.

Biotest also analyzes capsules after filling to verify purity and content.


thanks ya'll. i respect Biotest's business model. this forum is an important part of that.