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Flameout Helpful for Crohn's/IBS?

Do you think Flameout would be helpful with Crohn’s and or IBS considering that they are conditions of inflammation?

Mines been acting up…

The inflammation caused by Crohn’s is because of an autoimmune problem where the immune system recognizes intestinal tissue as foreign and attacks it. To my knowledge, the only way to reduce Crohn’s symptoms is to use immunosuppressants, but that’s a risky route so most doctors won’t do that unless it’s absolutely necessary. So, Flameout probably won’t help treat Crohn’s directly. If you don’t already take it, a fiber supplement might help just to keep traffic moving down there.

As for IBS, it’s worth a shot. I know I get some IBS symptoms if I drink too much or have greasy food. All this damn clean eating makes even small bits of unhealthy food give me IBS symptoms.

It may just be IBS but when it’s bad being gut shot can’t be much worse.
I’ve had it from wayyyyyyy back maybe as young as five, acts up based on what and how im eating.

I have Crohn’s and I took Flameout for many months. Didn’t notice a change gut-wise, but it def greased my joints. Careful with your overall fat intake though as it can affect things if you know what I mean.

I’ve been suffering from IBS since January…out of the blue it started.Still trying to figure it out.Good days and bad days.Flameout has not helped but then again I take it for other reasons and I can’t live without it now.

I would not wish IBS on my worst enemy…okay I would.It sucks.