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Flameout for Women?

hi girls,

i have a supplement question for the girl im dating…i use Flameout for the inflammation reducing properties and the fact that it really seems to help heal my bad left elbow when i get tendon/joint problems in it…i was showing her the write up on the product and she is very interested in using it as well for health reasons, not really the same reason im using it…the problem is she is VERY particular about what she will put in her body, supplement wise. do any of you use the product or have personal experience with it that you could relate so i could ease her mind about taking it?

thanks a lot!

You might get more response on the Figure Athlete forums

thanks! my bad!

I can’t say i personally have experience using Flameout as a Woman; as a Man who has never used Flameout at all…

However I can assure you that the EFA’s (in Fish Oils) are just as beneficial for women as they are for men - among many other things they assist in clearer skin and shinier hair, memory, nerve strength, fat loss and joint suppleness, muscle gain/maintenance - all the shit fats are important for, still apply to Women.

Just read the Flameout page and see if women might benefit.
Then take Conjugated Linoleic Acid or EPA or Omega n3 and google it and read that.

I ensure that when consulting on diet and/or nutritional supplementation, that fish oils are included - male or ‘otherwise’ (;P)

anynee - it isn’t the wrong board at all.

Women DO read this site you know!

[quote]antknee wrote:
thanks! my bad![/quote]

I was just suggesting that it might get more response from women on those boards, not that no women read these :slight_smile:

[quote]antknee wrote:
.the problem is she is VERY particular about what she will put in her body,

That’s all I read.

I give my bitch fish oil.

(But she’s a dog.)