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Flameout for Recovery

im 17 and i train hard, is Flameout ok for me to use?

yes, it’s ok to use.

assuming you eat fish like most people :wink:

I wouldn’t use it if you were a sea bass. I here they florous better with a High Omega-6 diet. I think it was sea bass anyway, could be wrong.

[quote]harrybeard1 wrote:
what are the benefits of Flameout[/quote]

Check out the Flameout article for plenty of details.

Nice dog SBT (Sorry that this post was highly off topic)… yeah it’s more than OK for you OP. Read up as much as you can on it, but this supplement is as safe as they come. That’s not an overstatement. It’s almost not safe to not take it, or at least get some omega 3’s in your diet some other way. There’s tons of research on it. Read up!