Flameout for Pregnant Women?

Not sure if I should post this here or the female forums.
Can Flameout be used safely by pregnant women? Any T-vixens have experience with supplementing EPA DHA while pregnant?
Does anyone know anything about algae sources of omega 3’s? Also what would the recommended amounts be?

I’d recommend it, lots of it

[quote]usaffirefighter wrote:
I’d recommend it, lots of it[/quote]

Yeah I figured EPA/DHA was a good idea for a developing fetus but just didn’t know how safe Flameout itself was in regard to any impurities or the CLA component, or any other fish oil products in gerneral.
I know Flameout is pretty pure( actually one of the highest quality I could find), I’ve been using it myself forever, I just wasn’t sure when it came to pregnant women.
Any idea on amounts? Thanks.