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Flameout for Knee Clicking and Stiffness?

Hi all,

I’ve never used Flameout before. My friends suggested it to me yesterday because I have an ongoing issue with my left knee. Basically, it doesn’t hurt, but when it’s flexed while sitting and I straighten it out, there’s a click that occurs. I didn’t mind it for the first few weeks, but now I am noticing that my knee gets a little stiff when being in the flexed position.

I kind’ve got paranoid and scheduled a doctor’s appointment, just to make sure I’m not getting arthritis in my knee (I wouldn’t even know how to tell). But the issue is that I don’t have health insurance and I’m now realizing it’ll cost and arm and a leg for my doctor to take x-rays.

I’m thinking of possibly opting to take Flameout first, see if it yields any results. If not, then I’ll go to the doctor.

Can any experienced users share their success/failure with Flameout? Any side effects?


no sides, awesome stuff, its worth the try. money back guarantee… so why not try it!? plus free shipping.

ps awesome stuff

Flameout seems like it could help.

I’m curious as to see other people’s responses to this as well - my general rule with this kind of stuff has been that if it doesn’t hurt, ignore it until it goes away…but that was before I was working out and putting stress on my body all the time. So i’m not sure if this is a good strategy anymore, lol.

I can make my left shoulder click if I move it just right (no pain)…but that almost never happens normally. Same for my right ankle. Don’t know if I should get it checked out or just wait it out.

I’m no doctor, but for a few years now both of my knees sort of crackle when I stand up from a crouched position. This sounds similar to what you have, except I used to experience slight pain with it.

When I went to the doctor (a few years back) he told me I have patellofemoral syndrome and suggested some exercises for the quadriceps as well as a few other things. As they’ve gotten stronger, especially w/ around 1 year of resistance training in the gym, the pain has subsided and the crackling intensity decreased.

I’m not sure if you have this, especially since you experience no pain, but it may be something to look into. Seeing a physician would be recommended, especially if it gets worse.

I’ve yet to use Flameout, but I have megadosed on fish oil and felt the benefits in my joints (particularly my left knee and elbow). Also, ART help out on my elbow, but that was due more to the muscles/tendons around it.