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Flameout for 60-Year-Old

My karate instructor has some sort of bone disease (I’ll ask him which one when I get the chance.) along with arthritis and generally achy joints. He’s a vietnam-war veteran, has been shot several times, has hepatitis B, and has metal plates in his hands and shoulders. The doctors have told him there’s no cure for his disease, and although not terribly threatening, it cripples his ability to do his job and passion.

I heard him talking about unorthodox treatment methods such as magnetic bracelets, cleansing pads, and nutritional things like antioxidants, so I mentioned fish oil to him. He’s never taken it and hasn’t heard all too much about it. It didn’t take much effort to convince him to try it, as he is looking for anything just to take away a bit of the pain and discomfort. I am ordering a few bottles for him as I’m writing this.

I have a few questions however:

  1. Am I correct in assuming this will help his condition in any way?
  2. Would taking more than the usual dose of Flameout be beneficial?
  3. Are there any medical conditions that would make taking Flameout a bad idea?

all those issues of his are promoted by chronic inflammation, and EPA+DHA are strongly anti-inflammatory

so hell yes unless there is some blood/cardiovascular reasons not to

  1. Yes it will help. Especially with joint pain and heart health. It may not remove all joint pain, but should help him move a bit better. It could also reduce any muscle pain he might be having.

  2. Taking more than normal would help for a while. In fact unless there are some problems that he shouldn’t take fish oil/omega 3s I would recommend taking more than standard for the first month. Say 6-8 caps a day. Alternately, he could take the 4 caps of Flameout and an equal to double amount of caps of “regular” fish oil. At any rate on this I would also recommend extra vitamins C, E, K, and B complex. If he’s already taking goodly amounts of these, then they shouldn’t be worried about.

  3. If he is a free bleeder or has problems with blood clotting. If he has any condition that aspirin is not recommended, he should talk to his doctor about using any amount of fish oil.

I am not a doctor nor do I play one on T.V. All these are just personal experience with myself.