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Flameout/Fish Oil Supplements and When to Take


When I used to take fish oil, I'd usually just take it right after a workout along with my post-workout meal. It's my understanding that Flameout (which I just ordered for the first time) and Fish Oil/Omega 3 products are anti-inflammatory in nature so post-workout makes a lot of sense. Non workout days I suppose I would split up the dose throughout the day. Any opinions? What has CT or any other T-Nation coach said on the subject?


Most recommend to take the whole dose before bed, but it doesn't really matter


That's actually incorrect, most would recommend spreading it throughout the day.

You don't necessarily want to take them around your workout window. I'd actually suggest taking some at breakfast, lunch, and dinner instead, and keeping them a couple hours away from your workout window.


If you're focusing on the anti-inflammatory nature, then post workout would not 'make a lot of sense'. It's the Inflammation response that occur in the muscle after training which many people believe triggers the growth and repair mechanisms. That's why you'll hear of some people avoiding fish oils or NSAIDs after a training session (along with the theory of the fat slowing digestion of other nutrients).

Other than that, I don't think it makes much difference when you decide to take them. Since I started using a few Flameouts with all (except my PWO) of my meals, my joints just feel so much better than they did a few years back.



Several suggest to take it all before bed in order to avoid fish burps.


several ways around this.

Take with food in the middle of the meal. Buy a kind that is enteric coated. Keep in fridge, ideally freezer.

Or get liquid version, never had fish burp with the liquid. With Flameout years ago when I started taking those it took a few days for my body not to burp it up any more, plus freezing and taking while eating helped.


I guess I've heard that about the inflammatory response being a good thing with all things being considered (only way to build up is to break down). That's the very same reason I avoid taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs (in addition to other possible side effects plus if it's just minor pain, what's the point?), because of the possibility of interfering with the building back up process. I see how these are similar. Since I workout late at night, I think I'll go with breakfast, and on off days I'll go with throughout the day or just breakfast and last meal. Thanks for the feedback.


Stu, just in passing, I've also heard the same thing about taking antioxidents after a workout, and in turn have not taken a multi-vitamin or extra Vitamin C post-workout.


I just take mine in the middle of a meal and I've never once had a fish burp