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Flameout Feeling


Creatine allows you to pump a few more reps and that protein supplements complete allows most to reach 1 daily gram of protein for 1 pound of bodyweight.

These two supplements obviously work and there's data and experience to back this.

My main concern with Flameout is that behind theoretical clear benefits, there doesn't seem to be any tangible effect.

So my question was simply, did you personally noticed any change before and after taking Flameout?


wow, not sure how to reply to this one.

there's a ton of research for the benefits of fish oil. There's not really much you'll notice right away (unless you have joint problems), most other things will pop up later in life, but can be offset by the fish oil.

body comp changes would be the quickest thing performance wise you'll notice


My joints hate me if I miss one day's worth of Flameout.


Like Jehova said- There are many proven benefits to increasing the ratio of Omega 3's to 6's and 9's. These benefits may not be dramatic but will definately ensure a healthy future for your body. As for Flameout being your choice of fish oil supplement- that is opinion based. Try it if you want. I like Carlson's orange or lemon flavored fish oil personally- it's filtered so theres no fish taste or high levels of mercury and you get more DHA and EPA per dollar IMO.

Hope this helps,


I'm 23 years old and been megadosing for about 6 months now. About 43 grams of total fish oil a day (not DHA&EPA)... way more than Flameout's regular dosage.

I feel no different except for the fact that I'm obviously in better shape than I was 6 months ago. My blood work could be better since then, but I don't know since I don't have a before test to test against.