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Flameout ETA?


Do anyone have an ETA for the return of Flameout, or can we expect it back the day AFTER the HOT-ROX Extreme special ends?

Sorry, love the free shipping!!!


Unfortunately, Flameout is still likely a couple of weeks away from being back in stock.

We've been doing everything possible to have plenty available, but the fact is that the super-high grade fish oil used is currently in short supply.


Oops, that would be "Does anyone..." Damn delete key!!!


FLAMEOUT's return will probably coincide with the new BCAA product being 'out of stock' as well...just a hunch.


I hope so.

This way we get to hear everyone bitch and moan about it.

I don't get why people don't just buy what they need if/when it is available. If you need something that T-Nation doesn't have in stock, wait or buy something else.

A lot of people on here sound like old people griping about the weather. Get over it.


And 2 days after you buy it, a new product will be launched...


Or put on sale for a special low price ;0


I agree with CK. God forbid this place actually runs a business...


Probably because of the $10 shipping.
I agree with you about the excessive bitching, though.


I can't think of any product when stored properly from the site that would go bad without months and months and months of time sitting on your shelfs. If you don't like the 10 dollar shipping, buy more crap that you'll use later and get free shipping, it's pretty simple.


Yeah, I'm really missing Flameout.

I was just about to start a thread moaning and groaning about how my life sucks without it, but then I saw this one.

So I'll add another "here-here" to the ones who miss Flameout.

My biggest problem with ordering from Biotest is whenever the new stuff comes out/is in stock - I'm dirt poor. But whenever the whole stock of everything I uses is out of stock, I'm like Richie fuckin Rich.


It is actually not a question of "bitching and moaning", just convenience. With there being a two bottle limit on the HOT-ROX Extreme (which I would gladly pay the normal price to be able to order 10 or 12), I was hoping to be able to order a few more things to make a full order. Being that I just ordered eight cans of Metabolic Drive three weeks ago, have plenty of Surge, and just needed some Flameout, I figured I would ask when it would return, but thanks for all of your concern. Next time, I'll pretend like I'm in Iran, and keep my questions to myself!


That's why you put $200 in an envelope and hide it until Biotest releases a new product. Otherwise if you wait to scrap up money it's gonna be out of stock for 3 months.


Now THAT's Funny!




Why is FLAMEOUT! so difficult to keep in stock? Just curious...


Because they have to coax the fish to give them their EPA and DHA.

Most fish oil companies just smash the fish into oblivion and extracts the omega-3s. Biotest negotiates for it.

(credit to RIT Jared)


Flameout was a couple of weeks away three weeks ago. When can we expect it back in stock?


An update on Flameout would be appreciated. I want to start a cutting diet on Sunday and I need my supply of EFAs.



Flameout is great stuff but damn guys it is not the only pharm. grade fish oil in the universe, Omega-rx from barry sears is what i use, he was one of the first to develope a truly pure fish oil product.