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Flameout EPA/DHA Question


my fish oil supp says that the DHA and EPA are in the form of ethyl esters. what does that mean?


Normally, the fats EPA and DHA exist as triglycerides, which is just a glycerol backbone with three fatty acids attached. Triglycerides are also the form of fat normally found in the body.

When EPA and DHA are extracted to be concentrated in a fish oil product, they are often converted into their ethyl ester form. Basically they are just fatty acid strands.

The triglyceride form is a better way to go because the ethyl ester forms are unstable and can oxidize easier, and they are also more resistant to enzymatic digestion thus being less well absorbed. Glycerol allows the fatty acids to reform triglycerides after digestion, but if there is no glycerol available the fatty acids can pose a problem with oxidation. Most higher end fish oil companies retriglyceride their fish oil during the manufacturing process.


It means that the DHA and EPA fatty acids have been attached to the ethyl ester (2 carbon ester) instead of being available as free fatty acids - just the DHA or EPA fatty acid - or in the triglyceride form where they are attached to a glycerol molecule.

In case anyone wants to see the structures:






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The man isn't using Flameout. That's nothing to grin about.


How much EPA/DHA does one need?

I just eat fish in a can, and flaxseeds everyday. Probably get around 2g of Omega-3 everyday.

Is supplentation of fish oil really worth it?


4 caps of Flameout gets you over 3 grams of the good stuff (DHA and EPA)... not merely 3 grams of omega 3's. Say you take 3 grams of fish oil at 30% concentration (standard fish oil cap) you only get 1g of the DHA+EPA, Flameout is much more concentrated.

It also has the 2 forms of CLA that we think are beneficial. There is more than meets the eye.


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yeah im not taking Flameout, my mom bought this for me.

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if its not specified does that mean it would be in free triglyceride form?



for those of you that take Flameout, is there a preferred time of day to take it (a.m. vs. p.m., pre- vs. post- workout, etc)? do you take the entire 4 caps at once or take one every few hours, throughout the day?


i think it says to take with meals. however, if i forget or something, i just take one anyway. i think the important thing is to get it there.
and for ppl that neglected college or just never liked chemistry, take some organic chem classes. its useful when reading bottles.


I prefer to take 1 to 2 capsules with each meal to take advantage of FLAMEOUT's effects on blood suger management.


Yeah I take 1-2 capsules with 2-3 of my lower saturated fat meals per day