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Flameout During Pregnancy?


I've heard how beneficial DHA consumed by expecting mothers is to developing babies brain function and cognitive development so I was about to order a few bottles for my sister in law. I checked the label information and it is contraindicated for pregnant women? Anyone know why?


You might want to run it by an Ob-Gyn just to make sure. The amounts of DHA and EPA are pretty high and you might want to make sure its ok for a pregnant woman.


TC has said if it was his wife he would sure as hell reccomend it, but on the label they have to say everything is bad for pregnant mothers :slightly_smiling:


Thanks 300. That's what I figured. I just can't bring myself to have her use a product with that specific warning on the label. Too bad. I'm sure it would have been beneficial.


Eggs and egg yolks.

Theres LOTS of evidence, that the more good fats the mother eats the WAY better it is for the baby.

If you cant advise Flameout then maybe consider another brand of less potency.

Congrats on your wifes pregnancy, hope it all goes smooth :slight_smile:


I have Udo Erasmus' book FATS THAT KILL FATS THAT HEAL, and in it it talks about how pregnant women become depleted of Omega-3 since they now have to share it with the baby. And with each progressive child, the depletion gets worse. My instincts would have me agree with TC though, just makes solid sense to me.


my wife took it during pregnancy. my son is 18 months now and has been taking dha supplements almost since he was born.