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Flameout Antiviral Properties???

Take this account with a grain of salt, but I thought I would relay my recent experience with Flameout.

I eased into Flameout although I had already been taking a fish oil supplement. After 4 days I started taking 6-8 per day; more than recommended, but I have cardiovascular disease (triple by-pass 4 years ago) and take Flameout for it’s anti-inflammatory properties (same reason I take a Statin drug, but that’s a topic for another day). I try to take 8/day, but sometimes only manage 6 due to my schedule.

Friday I had to pick up my grandsons from the daycare as grandson #2 was throwing up. I did this with much fear and trepedation as I am HIGHLY susceptible to any form of the stomach flu, but grandkids come first.

Also, because of having my chest cracked open as a consequence of the by-pass surgery, involuntary vomiting causes EXTREME pain in the breastplate area.

In the back of my mind I seemed to recall that the active chemicals in fish oil (EPA, DHA) had antiviral properties, so I decided on Saturday to up my dosage to two caplets every 2-3 hours (grandson #1 was coming over for the weekend, and I knew he would be the next one to fall victim to this virus.

Sure enough, about 2am Sunday morning he began to vomit, followed by my wife at 6am. I continued to maintain my accelerated dosage (2 caplets every 2-3 hours). Normally when the flu bug visits our house, I’m the first victim followed closely by my wife, so I felt some confidence that, thus far, since I had not developed any symptoms that maybe, just maybe, Flameout might prevent me from getting the stomach flu.

Monday (being a holiday), we had a family day out. I FORGOT to take any flameout with me, and by 4pm I was beginning to feel ill. I made it home and took one additional dose about 4:30pm. By 6:30pm I had resigned myself to the fact that I was about to begin retching and spent the next half hour in the bathroom awaiting the inevitable. A few nasty burps as well as expelling gas from the other end and I felt a little better. Finally at 8pm, still feeling bad I decided to go on to bed.

I won’t say I rested well, because I ran a low grade fever overnight and had the usual body aches that accompany the stomach flu, but I never did vomit. Now (tuesday noon) I feel about 85%, having resumed eating solid food and, of course, taking my 8/day regimen of Flameout.

Could this all be coincidence? Certainly, but trust me… I ALWAYS get a stomach bug if it is floating around. I just offer this as something to consider.