Flameout and Vitamin E


I’m living in Europe, precisely in France, and I have already bought 4 bottles of Flameout, an excellent product. It really works. I had sometimes a slight pain in my right knee caused by a minor inflammation, something I could handle by avoiding leg curl, but with Flameout it is really “iced”, as advertised.

However I have compared to many local fish oil products, and all have Vitamin E (antioxidant) in them. Moreover, I have found plenty of websites explaining that any fish oil supplement must be taken with antioxidant, preferably Vitamin E, to avoid “lipid peroxidation”. One example of a website talking about this :

When I look at Flameout, there is no Vitamin E, which seems intriguing, to say the least. It sounds strange that such a good firm like Biotest which does wonderful products and read and do a lot of studies, didn’t talk at all about this point (unless I missed it ?).

Any thought about this ?


P.S. I also take Superfood, which supposedly includes Vitamins.

If you take Flameout with meals, it’s usually not a problem.

The body also produces enzymes to combat lipid peroxidation.

Hello analog_kid,

Thanks for your answer.

I take at least two capsules at breakfast (which includes Oats and Superfood) and another one in the evening. That is a total of 3 capsules, 2.25g of Omega3, as per the AFSSA’s recommendation (the French Agency for the Food Safety/Security).

I should avoid so to take one capsule before bed. If one day I want to increase my daily dosage from 3 to 4 capsules, from your recommendation it will be better to add the capsule to the evening meat.


Whatever works for you. I take 4 capsules with my 5pm meal everyday. TC said something about not taking high doses of Omega-3s relatively close to a time you are planning on sleeping as it can stimulate brain function.

But other than that there really isn’t an optimal time to take it. Though I would recommend paring Flameout(or any Omega-3 supplement)with a high fat/low fiber meal just to make sure you are getting the most out of it.

There are some really great articles here about fish oil that go into detail about the things I mentioned and more if you are curious.

i love taking one of my big doses a few hours before sleep after my last meal, it guarantees i’ll have some messed up dreams

Bump. This was never answered by the mods, and I basically have the same question as the OP. In a recent thread Forums - T Nation - The World's Trusted Community for Elite Fitness there was a discussion about the issue, and you can go there if you are interested in the oxidation of fatty acids. But besides that discussion I have also read about omega 3’s and oxidation in the past. For example on jonnybowdenblog.com, Dr. Bowden discusses the importance of including Vitamin E with omega 3s http://jonnybowdenblog.com/four-horsemen-of-aging-part-iii-eat-the-right-fats-for-flexibility/ , such that the delicate fatty acids of the omega 3 are protected.