Flameout and Pregnant Women

Why can you not take Flameout if you are a pregnant woman?

Great question. I believe most supplements that’s standard on.

I meant to ask this very question, as my cousin just got pregnant.

Just off the top of my head, I think the warning is required on all fish oils because of the possibility of harm to the fetus from mercury. But not sure.

My wife’s OBGYN actually told her to take fish oil (watching out to make sure that the fish oil is molecularlly distilled). I think that the DHA is good for the baby’s brain. Flameout is definetely screened for mercury. This makes it all the more puzzling.

Right, but if the FDA requirements are for that labeling across the board, since they don’t go around and test every supplement, the good ones and the crappy ones will have the same warning. That’s my assumption anyhow. Most doctors do recommend fish oil during pregnancy, and I assume with those caveats that your wife was given.