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Flameout $80 in U.K........


Argh isnt there something to be done. i want to use Alpha Male and Flameout on a continuous basis but the U.K. prices are extreme, and if i order from Biotest i can say hello to an 80 pound customs charge no doubt (i would order about 600 dollars worth of stuff).

i think Biotest should have the courtesy to include free FedEx express shipping on international orders over 300 dollars.

Biotest give some love for your British isles customers i know theres alot of us here buying from you :frowning:


The free shipping doesn't even apply to us Canadians!


Yea. I don't know how feasible that would be but I would have been placing a regular 500+ dollar order if I had free shipping.

No doubt about it - even though customs kills it kills double with shipping...



Yeah it's a bitch