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Flame War Etiquette

[tongue in cheek]

I need some input here.

Over on page 71 of the Squat Rack Curls thread I had the following aimed at me:

This appears to be my first Flame War, and I’m ashamed to say I am not sure of the proper response.

–Do I just go for random personal attacks?
–Do I scan his post history so I can ridicule his apparent interests?
–Do I predict a lonely/sexless and meaningful-career-less future?
–When does it become appropriate to allude to his mother? (He could very well be surfing from her basement, after all.)

If he’s been around for several months, does that automatically exclude him from “troll” status? If he were a troll, I know he shouldn’t be fed. Not sure if that’s the case, though.

Assuming I’m not in fact “twisting words” and haven’t done anything offensive, how should I proceed? There are SO many people here with FAR more experience at creative invective, and I’d love to hear your suggestions.

[/tongue in cheek]

IF LOGIC MATTERS, here is the entire post that I was going to make, except I couldn’t bring myself to sully the “Squat Rack Curls” thread:

[quote]Geography wrote:
#2. "while a worker is standing less then 10 feet behind her. " I guess I magically edited the post.[/quote]

Re-read your and my original posts. My #2 refers to your question [quote]Or that she got pissed I pointed to the worker and said she could get some help from him?[/quote] I said “2. This wasn’t part of your narrative.” because your story did not say anything about pointing and talking.


Stick to generic insults. Some people tend to try to draw in real life issues from previous non-heated discussions and so forth. This is bad form.

Tough to say if there are rules. Just try to keep a level of class that you can be proud of. Don’t get caught up in it all and don’t take a personal attack to heart. All it means is that they are admitting that they have surrendered their arguement. Tough to not get caught up in though. I had one going and took to getting unbiased, 3rd party, experts in the field that the issue was related to. I don’t have to cut the email replies. I don’t have to come storming back in and shout “see”. I know.
Isn’t the internet grand?

Now see? I’ve already learned something. I never would have connected “level of class” with a Flame War. That puts a new light on things.

(Can you guess that this is my only day off from work for this holiday? I’m making the most of it.)