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Flame This Post


Ive made a couple other posts on the steroid forum and have been flamed every time. So do your worst.

Last post i made was asking about a sust, win cycle and was told that it was total crap and i wouldnt put on any reasonable mass. So i talked to my "Pharmacist" and tweaked a little bit.

500mg of sust. weekly for 8 weeks
30 mg of d bol (naps) a day through week 6. 20 a day week 7 and 15 a day week 8. (post cycle clomid therapy)

This while taking in 3,700 to 4,100 calories and 370+ grams of protein a day.

Also, is nolv. my best choice for a simultaneouse anti est.

Please blast away.


Nothing disturbingly ludicrous about it, just things I'd do differently out of personal preference. For example, I will never use Sust. I see no reason to use it over Test E or C. I also don't understand the purpose of pyramiding down the d-bol.


I wouldn't use sus, I would use enthanate, and tapering d-bol is useless.use 40mg a day for the first 5 weeks.


I added the tapering as kind of a crash and burn preventative. I dont know how my testosterone levels and estrogen conversion are going to react so i didnt want to immediately drop the d bol. Its also my reasoning behind the 30mg daily dosage. Do you think my reaction post cycle would be fine with 40mg dosages and dropping the tapering if i take nolvadex during and clomid post cycle?


If Sustanon is all you have available then it will serve your purposes well enough. 500mg a week will be sufficient for your first cycle, just remember to shoot every second day. Aim for Test Cyp or Enan next time though.

Dbol I have only a little knowledge of, so I'd go with the advice above: don't taper it, and 40mg per day.

My preference would be for Nolva over Clomid in any situation, but everyone's different. Your plan to use Nolva through the cycle and Clomid for PCT is sound.


40mg a day for 5 weeks. No need to taper. If you train in the morning all the better. I would take 10mg upon waking, 20mg about 1 hour prior to your work out and then 10mg around 4 or 5 pm to keep your blood levels relatively steady. I never had a bad experience using that dosing with d-bol.


hey bro

just wanted to clarify something for myself

if the dude takes last 10mg at around 4-5 pm....even if he get's up at 5 am to go train - that's at least 12 hours between his last intake and the next morning.
using this scenario looks like he's intake of d-bol will be limited to first 12 hours of the day (or even less) which makes (IMHO) keeping blood levels stable somewhat difficult.
would you be kind enough to explain a bit more(you can pm me if it works better for you)

once again - info only for my own understanding :slight_smile:



Ive been questioning when and how to split up my dosages of d-bol throughout the day as well. How am i gonna get the maximum maintained blood level.

Thanks for the advice


This is how I took my d-bol and had great results. If I am not mistaken the half life is roughly 4 or so hours. stable blood levels is impossible, but great results are not if you use it properly.


What would you recommend if i was waking at about 7, lifting at 6 and going to bed around 11 or 12?


10@800 am, 10@1230 and 20@5pm