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Flame Me!!!

Actually, i dont think my post deserves a flaming, but we shall see…

I have been training for a while now. i wont bore you with my stats, lets just say “im ready!”…

Ive done a couple of mini cycles, and got reasonable gains. Now im ready for a
“real cycle”…

I have a good source but am unsure as to which test component to run as a base. The choices are…

  • iranian test enanthate (is it standard 250mg or should i expect underdosed/overdosed? is so are the underdosed/overdosed a manufacturing balls-up or fake products?)

  • karachi sustanon (will my blood levels be up and down like a yo-yo?)

  • schering testoviron depot (100% enanthate? too widely faked?)

i am considering adding winny or tren for the laast month (of three) and will take 20mg nolva throughout.

any CONSTRUCTIVE HELP apprecited

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shering testoviron depot has always been my absolute favorite, luv the stuff.