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Flame Free Confession III: Even More Flame Free

That is despicable @samul how long do the authorities take to respond?

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Might as well use kielbasa and sauerkraut too.

Call it a German lasagna!

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Man I miss kielbasa. Got some grass fed beef stuff but its not the same.

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Nothing beats the real thing.

A while back I got some beef breakfast sausages as part of a big package deal.

No damn good. Like burger tubes. They were made in house though. Might have just been the recipe.

Kielbasa is on my “just forget it exists” list.

You’re more likely to die of natural causes while awaiting sentencing…

But seriously guys, your only saving grace is that Italians on average don’t speak English and therefore can’t read these atrocities.

Seriously @T3hPwnisher, I don’t even have a clue what palmini is supposed to mean hahaha. It sounds like an Italian word but I can promise you it’s not

I don’t know man, pizza with fries is pretty common here. There isn’t much logic when it comes to food combinations that are “forbidden” in our culture. We seem to allow weird stuff yet we’re stubborn on some apparently random things in particular.

Like, I once had pizza with walnuts and honey. Sold at a pizzeria owned by someone from Naples, so it was totally certified to be Italian-friendly. Yet if you mention pineapple on pizza you’ll get very bad looks from people around you. what?

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That’s disliked to somewhat hated internationally.

Personally though, I love pineapple pizza with crumbled hot sausage. (also on “the list”).

The rest of your post though, that’s kinda surprising.

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Pepperoni and pineapple is the pizza of the gods.

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Extra bacon extra pineapple with stuffed crust. Thank me later

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I’m sure we saw “Patata” pizza on a few menus when we were in Italy… Or maybe that was Vegas, dunno.

I don’t get stuffed crust - crusts are delicious. I’ve never had it and refuse to.

Flame free.


It’s a play on words. They are heart of palm linguini.

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Agree. Only very foolish people believe in stuffed crusts, as real crust is the best part of the pizza. That bit where the flat, saucy part and the crust meet…

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Even when they’re stuffed with mozzarella??

Isn’t that polish?

Especially then.

Ah gotcha haha. I was confused because the ending -ini in Italian refers to (the masculine plural of) something small/cute (to give the closest example I can think of in English, it’s like cute/cutie, dog/doggy).

So that word would mean “cute little palms (with dicks)”.


It might be, but in this regional culinary mashup, throwing stuff into a crock pot full of sauerkraut makes it German.

At least that’s what my Irish grandma did.

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I believe you have to eat for your ancestral genetics. So Viking meat is what’s on the menu


I did just have salmon, taters, and blueberries, which kinda fits.

Family names are Scotts/Irish, but 23&me puts me at 97.x% Norwegian.

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