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Flame Free Confession III: Even More Flame Free

Smallest are a little bigger than my first, most are 1.5-2x bigger. Doesn’t really help because you don’t know how big my hands are…

I’ve also come to realize I’m a glutton rather than a hedonist. The sweet potatoes are in addition to my normal dinner of 12 eggs. I’ve always been able to eat a lot, not too picky about taste

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Is it lazy, or a “kitchen hack”?

I gotta admit, I was overjoyed when I realized I could use my shake mixer to make scrambled eggs.

Like, 10 years of mixing milk, eggs, powders, and flavors didn’t quite get the point across. “Oh, I can just put a couple of eggs in here and zoom! Light fluffy scramby eggs!”!

I :heart: u.


I only own a kettle, because being a coffee freak I only do pour over so I can adjust the strength. Oh and a bialetti espresso kettle.


I really like the look of those, but could never bring myself to get one out of the fear of somehow blowing it to smithereens and myself in the process.

Does it make nice coffee?

First, a confession to keep in topic with this thread;

I finally managed to get 10 hours of sleep last night but I feel like shit and I know my workout’s gonna suffer later. I guess some people just aren’t built to sleep too much. 6-7 hours seems to be my sweet spot.

My intent in my response was also to provide my rationale for the use of the term “SJW”, i.e. I’m not painting you and others with similar beliefs under a single brush stroke since I would be calling MYSELF an SJW by definition lol.

I’m separating myself from the loons who have currently appropriated the word and act like they represent everyone with overlapping beliefs.

Much appreciated and the feeling’s mutual.

Yeah, I just wrote that because @wanna_be and probably a couple of others were assuming my posts that I self deleted were done by the mods.

I don’t know what kind of drama is going down in whatever section of the forum that I don’t frequent but I felt I had to make it clear that the mods here have been nothing but respectful and reasonable towards me.

Chris even told me not to hold back on an “argument” I was engaged in, as in literally telling me not to start “hitting him with kid gloves” lol. Just avoid using a forbidden word since it had to be deleted along with the sentence according to the rules.

And they also take context into account. For example, you can use the word “c-nt”, but you can’t use it as a direct insult in an exchange with a female, so it’s not like they’re excessively policing language.

This is one of the reasons why I’ve stuck around here and don’t visit any other sites. There’s some policing so we don’t turn into some moronic site like bb.com while people who come here generally know how to self-govern themselves without having to be told what’s inappropriate.


I splurged on a Breville Oracle Touch, because everyone claimed it was just as good as most coffee one gets from a cafe, and better than what one gets from Starbucks. I justified it as costing less than the cost of buying coffee from Starbucks in two years or so. The thing is the bomb, and works as well as advertised.

I have a small kettle with the awesome goose neck, an old coffee maker in case of emergency, and also an old Starbucks pod machine that I can’t bring myself to throw out.


You didn’t splurge, you invested

I confess I’m extremely jealous of ppl who can handle caffeine.
I love the taste but even more than a cup of decaf is too much for me :joy::joy::sob:


I have been trying to convince the wife to get something like this. I think I need to up my coffee consumption rate to convince her.

Also, 100% Kona coffee is utterly amazing.

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I confess I think I have watched every Hallmark holiday (that’s right, not just Christmas LOL) movie ever made.

#flamefree 'ya heathens


A Starbucks large Americano is more than $3.50, a large coffee is around $3ish? I gave myself a very modest 1.5 rate of consumption per day (factoring in cost of good beans, not Kona level) and arrived at the 2 year mark for recouping the outlay. These machines come with at least a 2 year warranty, usually extended to 3 years.

Out of curiosity… is anyone here allowed to do the grocery shopping alone? Online or otherwise? I lost this privilege when I continued to come back with a snack from each snack category…

Except nasty stuff I’d sooner starve than eat, eg, the Mint Oreos my daughter likes

I ran out of shampoo last week and the one I usually get was sold out. I am one of those annoying people that says just get whatever… Mint shampoo. Mint!!!

Let’s say the odour of mint has no business around ones hair. Ihaven’t worked out if this was a joke, a lesson or spite or all three. :smile:


No worries, if you ever make it to Verses for the Dead in the Pendeŕgast series special agent Coldmoon will educate you on how to make proper coffee. . :rofl:

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I was dangerously close to having shopping revoked when all I would come back with was cookies and meat.

Her: “You need to go shopping.”

Me: “I just did. There’s eye of round, some NY strips, all kinds of stuff.”.

Her “That’s not real shopping. We need other things.”

Me: “Onions! I got onions too! Sautéed onions and steak! That’s real food!”.


When I go grocery shopping alone it means I saw something online that looked good and I was planning to try cooking that shit on my own with certain seasonings, sauces, spring onions, ginger and shit. But when I reach the store my mind just goes blank. All I can remember is I need a bottle of coke and meat so that’s what I come home with.

That’s why my wife does the shopping.

I think men just sort of revert back to pure instinct once they enter a grocery store.

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I blame the my buddies choice of house location.

I’d lift, then hit the grocery store on my way home.

Similar to you, I’d have these great ideas for wonderful things from around the world.

Then show up at home with cookies and steak.

But they were the big chocolate chunk ones, not the regular chincy little chocolate chips! :joy:

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Yeah I think we somehow turn into Neanderthals once we enter the store. One time I just popped in cos I wanted FRIES and meat but I left with only meat the on first trip cos I couldn’t even remember the fries until I was out of the parking lot lol.

It’s like sweet stuff like chocolate can be traced back to eating fruits while hunting and stuff but they didn’t have curly fries back then.

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Is it just me, or is the forum messed up?

Probably just you.

If your wife is anything like my mum, you could make a pretty good argument for efficiency.

When she goes shopping, it takes twice the time my dad or I would spend and she comes back with a bunch of stuff we don’t need.

I’m the exact same way - even if I get 8 hours of sleep for a few days in a row I’ll need to pull a 5-6’er just to re-equalize.

My wife’s family got us a Nespresso machine for Christmas last year (they ordered 1 and were delivered 2 - super jackpot) and I noticed a difference in our checking account immediately. 2 cups a day from it = $2, whereas 2 Starbucks mocha-chokeya-frappalattes a day = $10. I still make cold brew every week, so that savings is just from my wife.

I’m the only one in the house allowed to shop by myself. My wife can have a 4-item grocery list and come out $200 later with all sorts of stuff.