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Flame Free Confession III: Even More Flame Free

No true Scotsman does HIT.

What are you, an animal? No, it’s not a casserole, it’s served like Thanksgiving dinner, but with half of it being made of chemicals.

Now, it you want a casserole, it’s frozen shredded hashbrowns you need. (Not @ChickenLittle’s weird Potatoes O’Brien, lol.)

Yeah, but see, I can prep real potatoes in 10 minutes. That’s why I ask if it’s a taste treat, like Stovetop. I don’t make it because it’s easy or cheap, I make it because as CL points out, you can’t find those flavors in nature. Faux-tatoes take under 2 minutes to make according to package directions, but here again, I’m after a specific flavor. I can usually spare 7 minutes to cut and throw something into a steamer basket.

This is why I rarely, but sometimes, go to McDonald’s. Not because it’s easy, but because it’s a taste that comes from nowhere else, and I happen to be one of the people refined enough to appreciate it.

Flame free.


I cannot see what good that spotter was doing, hahaha

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Yeah, pretty much. I have a very specific cooking style. You start with a pile of one thing then on top of that… :joy:. That’s why those casserole things using cream of mushroom soup (used to be) like my favorite thing.

Shortest book ever written: “Great Chefs of Ireland”.:grin: Of course I jest. My gram used to make one hell of a bowl of cheerios.

Ole hype spotter

Ah, I see. Although you have to boil the potatoes for ~30 minutes or so.

No, instant potatoes are pretty much the same as from-scratch. In fact, aside from lumps the good quality kind are indistinguishable.

Just a poverty thing, really. We got instant potatoes free.

The flavor, BTW, in stove top is just poultry seasoning. You can use that to get the same “fake” taste.


We had those for a while when I was a kid. The cheese food product, the powdered milk, and the big generic bag of potato flakes.

To this day I still make a pretty darn good whipped cheezy potatoes from a box.

The early '80’s were pretty rough around here. The final crash of the steel industry and massive exodus left a lot of people in a really tight spot for quite a while.


Flame free: I have an upcoming golf trip where we’re gonna play 90 holes in 3 days (36-36-18) and I scheduled a chiropractor appointment for the day immediately after. I used to make fun of my dad for stuff like that and now I’m living it at the ripe old age of 27.



Been diving more into Mr. Baker and his training approach.

I’m surprised the SS zealots don’t have him on a hit list.

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Not sure how physically demanding golf is, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to go to the chiro immediately after? Give it maybe 3 days to a week after. Got no science or links to back this up though. I just remember it isn’t advisable to go to one right after an ankle sprain when things are still inflamed.

Powdered Milk…

ahh - the memories.

Fixed that for ya. :joy:


I like to mix orange juice in with my milk. Taste like the Dreamsicles™ I used to get when I was a kid.

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I get the same taste when I add orange metamucil in with my vanilla protein shake.

it’s hell to get old.


No, there’s powder in there with it. Chicken bullion? Who knows. But I think there’s a miscommunication here because I’m perfectly happy to make food that takes two minutes if it’s tasty. I’ve had - many times - instant potatoes. My question was whether the doctoring of it, as outlined in your mom’s recipe, is worth the effort.

Re: poverty, I was a street kid and have been on my own since age 16. The government didn’t give me any food (it didn’t occur to me to ask; instead it occasionally occurred to me to steal it). I can certainly talk about stretching Chunky Soup or Ramen Noodles into multiple meals by doctoring, but these “meals” of fish sticks in ramen or four cups of rice to a can of soup are not things I would choose to eat if circumstances allow otherwise.

So I was asking if the recipe was something of a childhood treat.

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Have you had the orange vanilla swirl ice cream? Mayfielld used to make it, now I see it in generics. OMG. A half gallon of Dreamsicle.

That sounds absolutely miserable, even if you weren’t torquing your body in one direction a thousand times. I’ve tried many a time to get into golf, but I recently sold my set and decided I’m cool with never playing again, haha.

Beer helped when I did play, though.

This astonishes and appalls me.

I wouldn’t describe myself as socialist (I’m an investment banker, what could be more capitalist?) but I cannot understand how any wealthy society can allow children to go hungry.

Here in the UK we just had a footballer shame the Government into extending the “free school meals for poor kids” to cover the time they aren’t in school. Which was pretty damn important, considering the schools were closed.

Cost of the free school meals programme? About £60-million a year.

How anyone can think feeding hungry kids is a bad idea is beyond me. Actually, I can’t understand how anyone can think feeding hungry adults is a bad idea either, regardless of the circumstances (including whatever their own personal responsibility for their situation) may be.


The simple answer in the UK is dissociation of responsibility.

We pay tax and then it’s someone else’s problem. The government will sort it out.
Issue is we all pay as little tax as possible. It’s that one step removed from direct cause and effect. But its allowed us to see people die of malnutrition in the UK.

Having worked with poverty stricken ppl in the uk no one ever decided to die of malnutrition. If you were gonna go out - you’d choose something else long and painful. 99% of them use drugs. So there is your quicker less painful way out.
When people make choices that lead to them being more impoverished (like drugs) its because they are either very stupid or very broken. Sometimes both. Dispite that everyone should have access to a dry warm bed and sufficient food and water to live.

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Given everyone is now born into a world where all the “free” resources - arable land, pickable fruit, potable water - is all already owned, I think we need to provide a limited Universal Basic Income. Just enough to match the lifestyle you’d have if you were stranded on a habitable desert island - so basic meals, a basic roof over your head etc.

Benefits has lost its way - it should stop people starving, not give them big-screen TVs. Feels like the current system fails on both sides: there are people dying of malnutrition in one of the richest cities in the world, and there are benefit scroungers going on holiday to the Med at taxpayers’ expense.