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Flame Free Confession III: Even More Flame Free (Part 2)

Confession: Because the mosquitos have been worse this year than ever before, I’ve had to choose between accepting 5+ bites per session or skipping workouts. I haven’t always made the best choice.


4 is a very reasonable absolute hard limit.

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That is true!

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Yeah, Covid was no big deal. But I drew the short straw with the shots.

Israeli policy was not to give the shots to those who recover, then it changed to get the shots, now it’s back to no shots, which I think is probably correct.

We’ve had a rough go as a country, but I think we’re to the point where we’ll just let everyone get it and get it over with forever.

I don’t think that theory works (herd immunity) because you can get it more than once. I thought Israel had vaccinated just about the whole population already - are cases still high anyway?

I think that is what they used to think. But a huge study came out and people who recovered from Covid almost never get it again, even Delta. The vaccine, in contrast, doesn’t really prevent the disease anymore, just makes the resulting illness much less severe.

Basically everyone I know that was vaccinated has caught Covid in the last couple of months.

It was to the point where people were wondering if Pfizer sent defective batches of the vaccine to Israel. Really had the conspiracy guys going.

Here’s the study in English:

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Interesting - makes sense since the vaccine is “like” the virus so the immune response wouldn’t be as complete.

Confession: the article took me a lot longer to read because I got sidetracked by the pop-up link to pictures of Daisy Lowe in a bikini :joy:

Okay - so my science is a bit basic. BUT I’ve been doing a bit of reading and have an unhealthy appreciation for stuff like this. So the start of this is 100% fact. It is a redacted version. But fact. I’ll let you know when I get to speculation.

Your immune system recognises viruses and bacteria through their protein structure. Any protein structure that does not belong to you is attacked. It is why organ donation is so hard (you have to match the donor and have you immune system repressed). And why cancer (which is just parts of your body growing with out control) is not killed by your own system.
A virus will have many different protein structures it can be identified through. So after your initial infection your body will recognise any of the proteins and initiate the immune response that did the job last time.

MRNA vaccines kinda cheat the system. They inject you with a substance (MRNA) that gets your body to build part of the cells protein structure. So your body knows how to disable / destroy that singular protein. In the instance of Corona - 19 that chose to inject us with the part that makes it so contagious. The idea being that if the virus mutates and this protein is no longer present the virus will be less harmful.

The issues I can see (speculating):

For a start the attacking a singular protein is not a fast way to kill a cell. If you have an immune response from the infection your body will recognise and attack a multitude of
proteins and will attack them all together.
Being able to identify a cell through one protein only will not be the fastest way to get the immune system working.
Change to the proteins either side of the target protein could make it harder for the body to id or attack it.

So yeah Iegitimate reasons why the vaccine is not as good as catching it. However the vaccine has killed maybe a dozen people. So I think on balance its a good thing.

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I don’t think I paid attention in a single class today. My mind just drifts off into space. It’s like I’m in a trance. I gotta quit that.

This past weekend, my roommates parents came into town to visit. She told my wife and I that they would be at the house around 5.

At 3pm, I am in my garage workout out. I am in a pair of shorts I’ve had since college that are absurdly short. Skies out thighs out, I mean verge of flashing the family jewels short. Perfect for squats. I’m sporting a worn down cutoff Harley Davidson shirt I’ve also had for years. I had come from work, so to match this I am wearing knee high black dress socks. Hot day, sweating like a dog, covered in chalk. I am currently sporting a rather dashing mustache that is grown 100% to irritate my wife, and to top it off I had Travis Tritt absolutely blasting over the speakers when my roommates parents pulled up two hours early.

I confess that I did not make the first impression I wanted too


Only thing better would be if your house is already on wheels, lol

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Used to happen to me all the time, and it took a toll in that I can’t even remember a single moment from a class in my first year of college. Take notes obsessively during class. It will make time go faster and you will retain more, plus have an easier time recalling them before tests. Seriously - add doodle diagrams, footnotes, get everything down that you can and don’t stop from the moment the lecture starts.


O confess I went straight past the link and then went back to it after your post.

I didn’t see any Daisy Lowe pictures but holy crap the layout of that website is hard to read. No idea where the article ends, what’s part of the article and what isn’t, etc.

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Me too and it still does. What I do is watch a 15 minute YouTube video on the topic which is usually very engaging, well produced and delivered by a good presenter. It sticks. Basically the opposite of sitting in a lecture - which is proven to be just about the worst way to teach anything.


You have a roommate and a wife? How does that work?


:facepunch: saw it, noted it, was confused by it, was waiting for someone to ask it.

Khan academy and some professor named Wendy who has a YT series on anatomy and physiology got me a 99% in that class. The textbook and the “learnsmart” questions did nothing.

Lectures CAN be good - but most people associate “lecture” with a dry presentation. They can absolutely be engaging, fun, and broken up into palatable bits. This is unfortunately exceedingly rare.


Maybe roommate isn’t the best term, never actually thought about that. Housemate? Old friend of mine from college, renting a room out from the wife and I while we are all at the same duty station.

Edit: now it sounds like wife is Military. She’s not. Housemate and I are both Navy, ended up at same command, I already had a place bigger than I needed so we rented her a room.

Also to answer the inevitable follow up question, housemate is very much lesbian, and also good friends with the wife, so no drama there lol

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Yes yess



I made a similar joke exactly once. It did not go well


Can’t rule out SpaceX as a hoax (lol) but amazing to think there’s a craft in space with people in it, none of which are true astronauts… I confess this truly blows my mind