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Flame Free Confession III: Even More Flame Free (Part 2)

My mom is like that. Not only does she use 1,000 words when 3 would suffice, she’s going to yell because you know, it’s a phone and they don’t work good. When she FaceTimes with my sister it’s even worse. I keep telling her technology is great and she doesn’t need to yell but nope. Yelling is the only way.

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The guy is still on the phone at this moment (been almost 30min since he walked in… on the phone)

From what I can tell, it’s nothing important either.

This bugs me in florida especially. The weather is nice - step outside and talk where no one else has to hear a one-sided conversation.

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Surprisingly, the ppl at the crunch fitness I was going to were quite good about this.

I’m especially annoyed about this guy bc he doesn’t even need to go outside, the uni gym is small and in the student center and there’s a perfectly good common area literally less than 20m away. There isn’t even the hassle of reentry. It takes less than 5 sec to swipe the card and open the door

What ever happened to @isdatnutty

A few posters voiced their opinion that they didn’t believe his logs were genuine for various reasons. It turns out it was a fairly commonly held opinion and he got upset that people would feel that way and left.

I think I remember something about that now. Dude did have some big numbers I wonder if @isdatnutty1 his other account lol

I believe so, he got locked out at one point.

I’m disappointed his profile is private. There were some threads of his that I wanted to reread if possible. Can’t find them now.

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Confession: I suck at plate math now that the plates are in freedom units.

5/3/1 tells me to squat 170 lbs…now I have to google plate math to make life easier

It’s just 77.5kg …

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I have only found this annoying once where someone was sitting on the leg extension I wanted to use, he was there for the entire previous exercise I was doing so it must have been 10-15 minutes of him sitting there

I interrupted and asked to work in, usually people on the phone will just walk away. This guy stood up, leant on the machine and kept talking. Then he wanted to do a set so he sat down and kept talking… After a few minutes I asked if I could go again, same deal. So I did an extended set, running down the plates and called it a day. On the bright side, I’m pretty sure I smashed any PR I had on that thing LoL


Let my hair grow out to near shoulder length. The wife finally lets loose her dissatisfaction.

“You look like a vagrant! Get a haircut!”

Shaved my facial hair. Did nothing to my hair.

“Now you look good!”

You see guys? You need to know how to read between the lines.

This is why I conjugate with lions.


I confess I’m seriously considering splurging on a Starbucks drinks.
My rationalization : traveling today, haven’t had a Starbucks drink in 3 years

Poorly maintained facial hair + long head hair does create a vagrant like look imo.

It’s hard to pull off facial hair

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Only drink from startbucks worth getting: Nitro Cold Brew with salted sweet cream cold foam.

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Flavour wise, probably- nitro has a unique smoothness

But I’d probably get a heart attack from the caffeine before enjoying it lol :joy:

Edit: I’m probably going to have to reconsider. $3 for a latte??!! And ppl drink one everyday??!!

(Nitro with foam is like $4.75)

People are, in general, insane.
I consumed starbuck’s a lot when my wife worked there and she was allowed one free drink a day and a minimum 30% discount on any other drink ordered.
I go maybe once a month now.


Okay, so I called mum and she said I could get Starbucks so I did.

Now I regret it. The f- ing drink cost 4.45 AND the barista was new so she screwed up the steaming :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I am never going to Starbucks again…

Yup, that hair is tough and the skin underneath is sensitive and has a lot of stretch in it


I just wanted to grow it long enough to do the old Chinese beard stroke and flick while either laughing someone off in pure, utter dismissal or, albeit less frequently, implying unspoken approval. Guess it’s not to be.