Flame Free Confession III: Even More Flame Free (Part 2)

I am tempted to quit a job after my first day. It’s not a “career” type of job, just some part time landscaping gig. The boss was the most incompetent, clueless guy I’ve ever met. I have no idea how he has his own company. The pay is also almost a quarter less than what was advertised.

In a full day, SIX pavers were laid. That’s right, SIX. Nothing else was accomplished. He somehow made a job that should’ve taken maybe 20 minutes? take 9 hours. I don’t understand how this was even possible.

this explains a lot…

That level of success is outstanding, actually.

The jobs I’ve been on, the welders get all the chicks, then tree cutters, and pavers are a distant last behind dudes that do comm lines.

Edit: For real though, guy sounds like a douche. And he’ll 100% blame you for the job going to crap.

“You’ve done a lot of stuff, but you haven’t done it here.”


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Are we talking about the same thing?


Like I’m talking about these pavers. I thought hall you had to do was Step 1: Make sure the ground is level. Step 2: Place paver on level ground. Lol

And yeah, he blamed me. He hired me and two dudes who are most likely crack heads. They got confused and panicky, and he didn’t seem to know how to use a level. He’d do something dumb, I’d try to politely correct it, seeing the issue, and then he’d just scrape pieces of gravel under the edges trying to get it level until giving up, throwing the paver to the side, digging the ground up underneath, starting again, and telling me I hadn’t been listening.


:rofl: yeah. I was just playing with words & peck order of the trades.

Guy with a truck & no clue jobs are tough. And of course he blamed you.

Probably going to try to stiff you on the pay too. Cuz you screwed up that whole job & cost him money!

I’ve done this dance. Get paid & split man. No shame in that when its that kind of shit show.

I had one guy try to keep my tool belt & tools once. He gave them back after some polite coercion.


Sounds like you work for Jimmy Whichard

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I’ve never seen the show, so the humor is unfortunately lost on me. When was that on TV? Is it worth checking out? I feel like I’ve seen a few pictures/memes of it in your log and blog posts.

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I think it started in 1997. There were 13 seasons, so it went to about 2010.

Absolutely. It takes a bit to get the humor. A bit because the humor requires understanding the characters. My favorite of the adult cartoon shows and by a good margin.

It is so spot-on to my upbringing in West Texas.

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I think Mike Judge (the creator of KOTH) does a great job of making comedy out of things regular people can identify with. Office Space is another one which he did this quite well.

With KOTH, he seemed to have a good understanding of life in the general setting (small town Texas).


It’s absolutely one of my favorite shows of all time. But it DOES get weak in the last few seasons.

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Didnt he produce Idiocracy too?



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I confess that I think curling on the deadlift platform is worse than curling in the rack.

Also calves are the sexiest muscle.


I confess I did this just this morning.

The spare barbell was on the deadlift platform and it wouldn’t have been safe to move the barbell to the closest unoccupied spot that could accomodate the length of the barbell and no one was deadlifting

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Same here. I cannot fill in government forms without a lot of alcohol even though I hate alcohol. Which is why I have trouble remembering where I placed the documents I compile each time and have to repeat the process of searching for them to the extent of downloading new ones and having to look for my bloody user name and passwords again and again for the next time.

In contrast, I have one project with AI and lots of data, one project with full production of film stuff and one that involves developing a pretty complex business model with lots of research and shit and I have no trouble switching gears when overseeing each one. I have a bloody mountain of data to organize as well but it’s all cool. And I don’t drink.

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What about doing calf raises on the deadlift platform?


That’s like 80’s porn


We occasionally get this jackass that jumps rope in the free weight area. The free weight area is pretty tight for space, and once he is going, you have to find creative ways to get past him. If you are trying to bench press on one of the benches near him, the rope comes about a foot or so from your knees while your trying to bench. There is also an area that is about 1000 sqft that is meant for doing stuff like that. It’s about a 50 ft walk from where he decides to do this.

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I confess I ate a whole medium dominos pizza & buffalo chicken wings for lunch.

I regret nothing.

I also confess the hot peppers i grew this year were way hotter than expected. I ate a burrito bowl last nigh with a couple of my “Big Yellow Mama” peppers chopped up in it.

Somewhere between a Scotch Bonnet (which I typically like) and a “yellow brain” pepper on the heat scale. It’s about 1M scoville units. For reference - a habenero is about 150K and a carolina reaper is roughly 1.5M
My tongue and lips swelled and today’s throne visits have not been fun. 100% do not recommend. I am turning the remaining into a hot sauce.