Flame Free Confession III: Even More Flame Free (Part 2)

That’s what I learned from Batman!

And Ironman!


:thinking:… wait a second…

Batman. Ironman.



They’re basically the same characters!

This is revolutionary for me.

Edit: I guess thats my confession. I’m picking up on these things sloooowly.


DC = better villains
Marvel = better heroes


I always summed up Batman as “Someone murders Richie Rich’s parents so he learns karate”. It upsets his fans, which is my goal.

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I’m here to confess that I had a lot of special adventures with the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition back when I was a teenager.

What’s an eighth grader supposed to do nowadays except take a step back to National Geographic or the Sears Catalog?


Can’t even do that. Sears is no more.

Harsh. They’re going to have to struggle through with just the endless free porn available on their cheap, portable devices.


Not the kids with good parents who don’t let them roam the internet. What are those 14 year olds supposed to do?

Send it to Martha Stewart? Well, I guess she does look alright in that picture. And there’s a dirty sock right there next to the bed. I think we can make this happen.

I am overly excited that Walmart now carries this:


Confession…had my quarterly check-in with my boss. He asked the old “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” question, and I answered honestly. I told him the position I am in is really comfortable, it allows me a lot of work-life balance which is really important right now since I have 3 kids in school and activities, and that I have a lot of autonomy because there was no one above me in my chain of command for 250 miles. I’m sure it made me sound like an unmotivated bum, but I perform well and they are in no position to replace me. In order to advance, I would have to move to a different part of the company entirely, which is an option but not something I’m really eager to do.

I just value my family time over everything else. This is my second marriage. During my first, I was really focused on improving my financial situation, and I missed a lot of my kids’ growing up. Now that I’m in a better situation and have kind of a “do-over”, I realize what I missed out on. I would much rather have made less money and had more time with my kids. I’m not making that mistake again.


I confess that, after a single successful foray into smoking beef back ribs, my google search history is now fully populated with “how do you smoke” followed by some sort of meat.

I can’t be given new toys…


This is the mark of a man that should have all of the new toys. :+1:

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I confess that every time a ‘coach’ shows up here asking advice for a client, and they don’t even know the basics themselves - I die a bit inside.

Apparently ‘hinge’ can be at the knee now…

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Buy a corned beef - rub it with pepper and coriander, smoke it, slice and steam - pastrami.

Pork butt - brine and smoke = ham.

Turkey, also excellent.

Looking forward to this new bent on your food porn posts.

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I strongly recommend Aaron Franklin’s Masterclass on smoking.

I confess that this is straight-up bragging:

A couple months ago when I was still at college, a friend of mine asked for some advice on lifting. I introduced him to 5/3/1, gave him a little bit of instruction on how to do the lifts and eat to grow, and turned him loose.

Haven’t really thought much of it since then - sort of assumed he gave up on it - but I just found out that he’s like two or three cycles in, tracking everything, and improving steadily. Maybe I’ll talk him into starting a log lol.


I’ve been on vacation and I’ve only done short hotel gym workouts for the past three days

I confess that I feel really weak and tired

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It’s okay to not workout on vacation. Enjoy it.

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To be fair, the knee is a hinge joint and the hip isn’t.

Deliberate contrarianism aside, 100% agree with you. Also the “coaches” taking life-threatening body fat burning drugs.


Some would even dare say it’s the point of it!