Flame Free Confession III: Even More Flame Free (Part 2)

Cost seems to be about the same…

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Neither are cheap haha

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It just amazes me that golf was invented by the same group of people that came up with the kaber toss…


I did not know this… LOL where’s @Yogi1 ??? Look at the plague your people unleashed…


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TBH I don’t like travelling and this includes vacations. But if I HAVE to travel for a vacation, my no.1 consideration is not about countries, culture, activities etc. It’s gotta be a resort that’s designed as a golf course and it’s gotta be in the mountains and there has to be a CASINO nearby. And, I think you know the place I’m referring to given that you’ve worked in my part of the world.

THE REASON that these facilities must be there is not for me to utilize them. It’s the stuff that’s available in these facilities given what they were designed for. Restaurant types, leisure stuff, room layouts and the stuff they have in these rooms, etc. I don’t play golf and I’m banned from the actual casino areas by my wife because I do stupid shit lol.

Well, feel I need to weigh in here with respect to golf. I confess that I love it. I love it so much that I became a PGA Professional and made a living folding shirts and selling range cards.

Those that hate it suck at it and don’t understand the game - they’re just losers (sarcasm).

It is a difficult game. Very athletic people, good at other sports, can look like spastics. And very unathletic people can be very good.

The game is a mind fuck for sure. If you stand ten feet away from me and I toss you a ball, if you can catch it (figure out the velocity, trajectory, and have the hand eye coordination), then you can break eighty.

If you can break eighty, you are in the top 2% of the population.

In the world.

Rosie O’Donnell said golf was not a sport. It’s fat people walking in ugly clothes.

But - I would challenge any of the most fit motherfuckers on the planet to walk 5-7 miles four days in a row up and down hills while trying to control their emotions standing over a four foot putt worth $11.5M to tell me it’s not a sport.

Just my take.

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I got into golf, because of work. It was almost a requirement at the time.

Having been born with no discernible athleticism, it was not only difficult, but it brought out all of my pent up anger. It was not a good time.


I took lessons, played more, sometimes 3 times per week, hit a small bucket of balls almost every day, managed to get a good tee shot, and got my wedges to respond.

Started to play some okay golf.

So I played one Friday with some work friends and played the game of my life! Like a 89 or something like that. I was so excited I called my friends, managed to put a 4some together for the next day with them. Then I ended up shooting multiple snowmen, couldn’t putt for shit, it was just a bad day all around.

I gave up the game shortly afterwards.

Life is too short, Ya’know?

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The only part of golf I am good at is… driving the cart and drinking. :rofl:


I’m here to confess that I was shocked at just how drunk people will get on golf courses. I don’t golf but I did some fundraising with the booster club when my kid played hockey in high school. One of these was on an upscale golf course and I was constantly amazed at all of the people who were completely hammered and would have been cut off several drinks ago at the little dive bar I worked at.

Apparently allowing your customers to wield clubs and drive little cars around the grass means that you can serve as much alcohol as you want to them.


I’ve played golf at a country club exactly once in my life. We got everything for free, which is the only reason I went, and that included the booze. Did we all play terribly? Yes. Did we have a great time? Yes. Did we come very close to rolling the golf cart driving it over a small cliff? You bet your bottom dollar we did. I decided afterwards that golf was not my game.


I don’t consider golf a sport because the ball is standing still - in every “proper” sport the ball is moving when you play it.
Also, I find it hard to understand that when my opponent is taking a shot I’m supposed to respectfully applaud, when all I want to do is crash tackle the bastard.

Not a sport.

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Yeah, I consider it like darts or Billards. A highly technical game but not a sport.
It also wastes a ton of land resources and contributes to waterway pollution through liberal applications of fertilizer and constant mowing.


Golf courses…. In Arizona…. Literal insanity

A question for the powerlifters (idk who is active anymore so I’m asking here)

What is a good “offseason” programme I can run for a year to build a base.

I’ve hit a major plateau.

My plan is to do a bit of a bulk and stay there.I really want to hit a 150kg deadlift next year.

Edit: I’m not going to do max testing next week. Not worth it

Why do I always feel sleepy during mid-morning?

You still waking up at 0400 and training first thing?

Nah I stopped doing that ever since the semester started.

I think it’s my breakfast that’s making me sleepy.

That was going to be my next guess. What are you eating?

6 pork sausages
1 cup of whole fairlife milk
3 packets of instant Cream of Wheat
Sugar Free Maple Syrup
1 cookie dough quest bar