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Flame Free Confession III: Even More Flame Free (Part 2)

The average 47 kg girl? Sure. The IPF deadlift record for the -47 kg class is 176 kg.


I was just about to say. A lot of guys would be eating their words otherwise.

I think for some reason they think your a male.

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well… my numbers are definitely far from world record levels (note to self: get to 170)


Shame on you for stating your opinion as a female.:wink:

I could be wrong… but im guessing other female members like @ChickenLittle might share a similar view point.


The III and (Part 2) is driving my OCD nuts. @dagill2 maybe you can edit the title of part 1 and remove the III?

It’s like that saying goes “To be the man, you gotta beat the man.”.

Except it’s for women so “To be the woman you…” wait. No.

“To be the man, you have to beat the woman”.

Yeah! That works, right?


My lovely wife’s response would be…" your ass will eventually go to sleep"

Mama don’t play…


I can go either way on that cut.
A guy with muscles can get away with it. Otherwise No!

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I have no issues with women building amazing mounts of muscle. I have issues with dudes who look like they couldn’t carry groceries or split a piece of firewood and choose to stay that way on purpose.


Oh … I know exactly what you mean. So no need to explain your position.

I wouldn’t mind it so much … but he’s a professor assistant and it just seems unprofessional. I’d expect a hair style like that from my youngest whoes a art student.

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This statement is one the key reasons for the falling standards of society.


I used to kind of agree with that notion. If I can outlift certain men, I figured they were just weak…it never really occurred to me until some ago, that maybe I’m just strong as heck. After that realization, I stopped caring really.


We could have gone down the prequel route.

“Flame Free: An Origin Story.”


So a back-in-time thing? Would I have a full head of hair on that episode?


I duuno. I think it’ll be a lot more woke, though.

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Movie nerd confession:

Did you guys know Dawn of the Dead, the sequel to Night of the Living Dead, was originally called Zombi in Italy?

So the classic movie Zombi 2 by Lucio Fulci that Tarantino wanks off to became a fake, completely unrelated sequel to a sequel to another completely unrelated movie to capitalize off of it’s box office success?

And then they made 2 or 3 more sequels to the fake sequel to the original sequel, which were ALSO unrelated to the original fake sequel, which made ALL of them fake sequels to a fake sequel to a sequel.

And, as if that wasn’t confusing enough, there’s no fucking Zombi 1 outside of Italy.

I watched every single one of them.


Give me shaun of the dead anyday…

you’ve got red on you.


I confess I thought it was just ok and I’m not too hot about Edgar Wright’s works in general. I’ll give him props for constantly having great editing.

I also blame Shaun Of The Dead for all the awful self-aware zombie comedies nowadays. I can’t stand them. Unintentionally bad movies are funny BECAUSE they’re unintentionally bad.

Constantly hinting to us they purposefully made them “bad” while I doubt they could have done a better job making a good one just takes all the humor out of them.



Seriously, anyone who hasn’t experienced the joy of watching pure crap that’s “so bad it’s good”, watch Zombi 3. Watch the English dubbed version. It’s much funnier. It’s the one involving the US military in the Philippines in case you get confused by the titles.