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Flame Free Confession III: Even More Flame Free (Part 2)

Keep in mind I’ve not had a real doughnut in over a decade. I have forgotten what they taste like

With that said, if I think hard enough I can still taste cheesecake

Been recovering from Covid and pitty eating. On Monday or Tuesday, I ate 17 Krispy Kreme donuts and lost 1.2 lbs. Yesterday I ate 15 and lost 1.4 lbs. I’m contemplating adding in a couple of donut days a week to see if I hit my goal weight or develop diabetes first.


Should lose weight even faster with the diabetes once they cut off a leg or 2.


You guys misspelled da beedus.


Ordered a green curry and chicken satay for dinner, gave me more peanut sauce than was reasonable for chicken so I just ate the rest by itself.

Posted by one of the local police departments:


Everything is sore… but…the gym could be closed due to snow tomorrow

I want to get something in today but don’t known what to do

I had a eureka moment while sleeping yesterday and am now quite frustrated bc I’ve forgotten what I did

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@TriednTrue My favorite 14ers are the Crestones (Crestone Needle and Crestone Peak) in the Sangre de Cristos and Holy Cross in the Sawatch range. For snow climbs, Gannett Peak (this one’s in WY) has a couloir that the only reason we climbed was because we missed the trail and figured - let’s just go up… It was an amazing climb and I’m so glad we did it. If you’re looking for a 14er snow climb, the Angel of Shavano, the Lost Rat (on Gray’s) are both great starter adventures.

If you’re looking for just a nice winter 14er - Quandary, Pikes, Grays, Torreys, Shavano and Tabeguache, Democrat, Lincoln and Bross, Bierstadt, and Sherman are all ones I’ve done in the winter too.

How many have you done and which have been your favorite?


I confess I only realized I forgot cancel my 8 day trial for justanswer dot com and I’ve been billed the full price for the last 2 months and just billed for this month 3 days ago so I decided I’d start asking lots of noob questions on any topic I’m interested in because one expert gave me advice that would have saved me a over a thousand bucks and he almost literally went Dr House on me when I argued with what experts IRL told me so there are some legit ones there. I think this is how the real experts over there feel like you guys when a noob asks a stupid question in the beginner forums lol.

I do get really stupid answers, though. Like fucking telling me the sky is blue kind of shit. I am NOT FUCKING KIDDING. These were tech questions and I already knew the answers to but since tech moves so fast, I thought I’d try my luck cos maybe someone had already come up with a way to solve my problem recently that neither my guys nor I have heard about it yet.

E,g, asked about if there’s anything I can do to get data back from a clicking external hard drive. This is obviously due to physical damage or malfunctions. I’ve asked the tech guys I employ and one European dude with a PHD in this kind of shit whom I have on retainer and all of themt ell me that the only solutions now are either get a professional with clean rooms and shit to open it up and physically extract the part that contains the data and put them into a compatible replacement OR use a data extraction company which has their own propriety software (which is what they tell me since I’ve been told such a method is a hit or miss and I cannot be present when they do it) to extract it. The former would cost me several thousand bucks and even if the latter did the same shit without any software just provided me with a new hard drive but provide a list of of files I would like to retrieve it would cost at least 2x as much. since it contains some sensitive business stuff but isn’t worth thousands to retrieve,

I’m not using either option. I thought of just opening it up and transferring the part which contains the data to another same hard drive which would cost me just over a hundred bucks but I don’t have a clean room and I’m so pathetic with any hardware stuff I didn’t even dare to change a fluorescent bulb ceiling fitting to an LED one even though it only requires removing the old fittings and attaching the LED one to TWO wires. I’m gonna just wrap it up in some airtight bag and store it in a proper place hoping tech will be able to provide a solution with some inexpensive software that can be purchased online for less than a thousand bucks.

I thought that since there are so many people in the world, someone may know of some software that has recently been created that can solve this issue so I asked this question:

Q: I have a damaged external hard drive which is doing the “click of death” shit and I understand I can do now is send it to a data retrieval company to either physically transfer the memory shit to a compatible drive or have some kind of uber software that can extract it.

Just checking if anyone here knows about any existing software available to solve this problem that I can download and it won’t cost me over 1K.

The answer I got:

A: This means your external hard drive is damaged so it’s doing the “click of death” thing and all you can do now is send it to a data retrieval company to either physically transfer the memory shit to a compatible drive or have some kind of uber software that can extract it.

(Of course this isn’t EXACTLY the same way the exchange actually went but it was basically the same thing, only longer with the “expert” who answered asking me questions which were ALL in my initial question and with different words. My initial question was almost the same and had a little more details than the mock one I posted here it.)

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I confess I’ve finally been talked into trying CrossFit. This summer I will try it. Probably.


I hope it takes your fitness to the next level. And that the people you meet are excellent


If you haven’t signed the blood-oath yet, there’s still time to escape the country!

Crossfit isn’t a training type, its a cult

Crossfit is actually 10/10 and you’ll be pushed to your limits. If you’re being coached by someone that looks like a Bob’s Burgers character though - find a different gym. No one else in the world can sprint 1/4 mile, power clean 90% of their 1RM and go around for another lap. REAL crossfitters are badasses - its the one’s who sacrifice form for reps that ruin their shoulders.


That is a spectacular self inflicted beat down, and the bar to the shins makes it a master piece.

10/10. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Training to failure or training to fail?

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One of my Econ friends has started working out.

It was very entertaining watching him struggle to bench the bar

He’s working with a great trainer though so that situation will be rectified soon

I’m wanting to try it mainly for the friendships. Everyone I know who does it has made long lasting friendships. Also wouldn’t hurt if I found my future wife in a CrossFit gym :joy:


I’ve definitely thought about it, I just don’t want to spend 200 (or whatever) a month to be miserable while also paying for a gym and having a home gym. Might get a punch card though

It’s definitely not cheap. But I’m the type of person that usually has a bunch of friends but they are all centered around a hobby. Ever since I’ve started working out seriously I have no friends lol so altering my hobby to be more socially oriented makes sense and will be worth it in the long run.
Definitely can’t be anymore money than racing :joy:

I confess that I was not able tk finish the entire rotisserie chicken…
The Whole Foods chicken is terrible- flavourless and soggy, even straight out of the oven.

It’s Econ karma. I’m being punished for my irrational spending

I confess that I made a poundstone shake using 1 lb of canned chicken. It looks diabolical but it does not even taste that bad

I also confess I will now be buying a blender. I’m tired of how long it takes for me to eat lol.