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Flame Free Confession III: Even More Flame Free (Part 2)

I see a burgeoning market here…

Alas, I can’t disagree.

Y’all have some great ideas for alternative, arguably manly candle scents. We can broaden the scope and include other natural scents, like burning firewood (cedar, piñon, mesquite, apple), fresh-fallen snow (that’d be hard to capture) and rain in the desert, to name just a few.

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I used to be so jealous that the men’s hair wash was 2 in 1 and had old spice

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They have this candle. They also have race gas candles.


I’ve always enjoyed the way the rod oven smelled with freshly baked lil sticks of goodness

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You can buy leather scented candles. The best though is a company in Cali that makes new leather scent blocks for your car. Only ones I have ever bought that smell genuine.

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Nothing like the smell of the start of a motocross race!

Sound too. BrrrrrrrrrrrAAAAAAAAA!!!

That’s actually pretty cool. Leather is a soothing scent to me.

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One of the many things I miss about racing. Also the people. I miss everything involved with racing minus the actual race the most :joy:

Ah yeah! My dad wore Old Spice aftershave and deodorant when I was a kid, so I’ve always associated that scent with masculinity.

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I have yet to see a JP-8 candle yet. I call dibs on the patent.

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Well, I’ll be damned.

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I planned not to splurge too much on thanksgiving.

Two of my sisters decided to roast a duck. I thought one of them disliked me. I helped with the duck and they invited me to join in.

Thus, I find myself staying up an hour past bedtime having eaten about 1/2 the duck and going 1200kcal above alottement and on a deload with no plans to workout any harder tomorrow…

Whoa whoa whoa. You have two sisters?!?!? I’d have bet my left arm it was just you and your brother

Sorority sisters

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Sometimes the social gains are worth it.


The shitty part is that my gut is messed up so o don’t even feel good enough to really workout and put those calories to use

I assume this was the confession.

Not really. I splurged on Monday.

I didn’t have anything planned on thanksgiving but the two girls decided to make duck. Considering that I didn’t think one of them liked me very much, I also assumed that I would not be invited

Btw, your thanksgiving feast sounded awesome. You’re lucky that your kid lets you have the drumsticks :joy:

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No better time to splurge. Gotta celebrate heritage.

My kid used to scream if we tried to make them eat turkey, so the fact they’ll eat it now is a blessing in and of itself. If they ever wanted the drumstick, I’d be so overcome with pride that I’d gladly surrender it.

I had a similar swelling of pride the day we were at Subway and, instead of the kids 4" ham and cheese sandwich that came with the kids meal, they asked if they could have a meatball sub like I was having.