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Flame Free Confession III: Even More Flame Free (Part 2)

or maybe its because they show up in socks and flipflops wearing pajama bottoms and haven’t broken a sweat in the hour they’ve taken to do their 3 sets.

flame free though.

Also, if they’re actually intending to stick around and TRAIN, they wouldn’t be put off by someone lifting heavy ass weight right next to them. If they come to enjoy the ‘dating scene’ however…

I like to do the same lifts as other guys, only I use way, way less weight.

Like they’re heaving the 50s for curls so I do my sets with the 20s.


The intent of the originating thread (this has been ongoing for much longer than you’ve been active on the site) was to facilitate the posting of unconventional/controversial opinions regarding training and nutrition without being flamed. It was never intended as a safe-space for people to say any damn-fool thing they want without consequence.

IDK man, it sounds like you’re flaming part of my training here. I also said that i usually try to help people that are actually trying, but if your still bent out of shape about my attempts to shuffle equipment-hoggers out of the gym, then im sorry I hurted your feelings. :broken_heart:

In unrelated news, I like to stand outside Slimming World meetings shirtless and point and laugh at all the members on their way out. It like to think it makes me an ambassador for health and fitness.

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interesting… Do the members take up much needed pieces of equipment for the better part of an hour while performing virtually no exercises the whole time?

Is there anyone else that actually intends to use that equipment and is trying hard to improve, but cant because it is being held captive by others who care more for the scenery than training?

I must be the only person in the world that has been to a gym where groups of 5 or 6 teenagers hog a single bench for 2 hours and seemingly lack the ability to perform any sets.

people that clog up equipment to talk on the phone, or just hang out with their buddies while getting in the way of people actually TRAINING are a fucking cancer to many gyms. But it must not have ever happened in a single gym you’ve been in, so my apologies if this notion is lost on you.

as i said before, a couple times, i usually try to help those that are actually trying. those that arent trying truly do nothing but hog equipment they aren’t using. Wouldn’t mind it if they were truly getting some benefit from it.

I’ve seen it, it happens pretty frequently. I was one of those lost teens once, before someone went out of their way to help me, many people were. If I was going to be selfish, I’d point out that I prefer to find ways to work around the problem than to pay the cost of covering their memberships too. If gyms kicked out everyone who didn’t train like me, I wouldn’t be able to afford to go.


was about to ask for clarification until i saw the update.

I’m not saying everyone needs to train like me, or like you. even going is still an accomplishment to a lot of people - but when people go to the gym just to sit around and do nothing but hog equipment, they’re being dicks to the rest of the gym members.

I stand by my comment that people who are going to the gym to improve themselves probably arent put off by someone lifting heavy in the next power rack over. But people who are there trying to get some (much needed) attention from the ladies, NOT to train, are more likely to leave.

I confess that I am okay with people leaving a gym if they join for motives unrelated to fitness.


No joke, I used to get high behind an AA meeting that, 10 or so years later I became a regular attendee of.

It was just a really nice spot. Edge of woods and a deep recessed doorway to block the wind when trying to spark up. We had no idea what was going on inside, let alone that I would find out first hand later in life. :laughing:

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I confess that I stopped mid-set not once, but TWICE to kill spiders in my garage during legs today.

I have no mercy for terrorists…

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Bar-and-chain oil, freshly mowed grass, sawdust, barbecue grill smoke, oiled leather goods (work boots, baseball gloves)…??

I confess I’ve never seen candles with these scents, but I’d be tempted to try one.

  1. Get more men to buy candles
  2. Convince women that those are pleasant smells

My dreams are getting wild

Last night, I had a dream where I was watching a movie. My brain not only generated the movie, it generated a wiki page for the movie

I apparently “fell asleep “ in the middle and found myself in it.

I forgot the exact details of the movie at this point (damn dreams) but something about a guy fucking with a Russian oligarchs family to take over. There was also something about a stolen girl, switched identities…
At one point when I was “in the movie”, I was running from the antagonist with the oligarch’s girl. We got caught and my classmate was there working for the antagonist . For some reason, I was trying to use economics to convince him to shoot the guy

The weirdest part is that I could actually feel everything

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And therein lies the difficulty :joy:

Tangentially and unsarcasticly, have you smelled those scents for longer than a passing whiff? While I wouldn’t want o fill my dwelling with, say, bar-and-chain oil effluvium for ore than a few minutes, other scents like the sawdust from freshly cut 2x4s have pleasant, resinous odor. The nature-based scents would potentially have broad appeal.

Even more tangential but still related, it seems men and women generally prefer different scents. I wonder what the demarcation lines are.

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That would most definitely make your hous an epa hazard…

I am obsessed with this smell. Unfortunately the chemicals behind this are also apparently quite toxic

To be fair though, most commercially available scented candles are indoor air pollutants

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The unburnt fuel smell from a 2-stroke exhaust is an all time great smell. I think it’d make a horrible candle though.


There was a candle I almost bought a while ago that was along these lines. Smelled so good. The one I currently use is a tobacco one. Smells like a nice, sweet cigar.


6010 welding rods. They smell pretty good too when you burn them.

Sometimes oak trees smell really good when you cut & chip them.

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I will take fresh hay and leather smell. AKA equestrian summer

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When you said you light a manly scented candle, you weren’t being sarcastic. Good choice!

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