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Flame Free Confession III: Even More Flame Free (Part 2)

Except I never turned into a beautiful butterfly

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Thank you for keeping the spirit of the thread.

Well, I sort of helped derail it so I thought I ought to put it back.


So my attempt to get it back track;

I’m working nights permanently until Christmas. Road maintenance. And heating food is an issue. We have no real welfare facilities. My solution? I sneak off site for 45 mins about midnight and use a camping stove to reheat some chicken broth I made earlier in the day.

If you’d have told me 2 years back this is what have been doing I’d have laughed on the way to a 24h garage to buy a sausage roll.
But the slow evolution from gym goer to trying to actually be good at something is happening. Maybe I’m too late to be REALLY good at anything but I will at least be better than I was


I confess I’ve only had 50g of protein today.

Ever consider a thermos to keep the chicken broth warm from home? I know Brian Shaw uses them for his beef and rice meals.


I used to take my meals to the local am pm or 711 and use their microwave, when I did road paving

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I did think of this. But there are 2 reason I didn’t do it.

1 If I don’t meal prep having a stove let’s me knock up a decent meal from a local supermarket. I can cook precooked rice and chicken with some veg over the hob in minutes.

2 I spent a few hours looking for my thermos last week. And I couldn’t find it. And I didn’t want to buy a new one when I might find the old one. Turns out it was next to my camping stove. So I’m happy happy

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I’m trying to envision a Thermos large enough to provide the likes of Brian Shaw with an appropriate volume of beef and rice…

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Think more “several thermoses”

Except I actually have no idea if that’s the proper plural.

Confession: I fucking love tomatoes. Especially the canned diced ones.
I like to put them in my chili.

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I worked for a food manufacturer. Canned tomatoes was one of their products.

Basically, whole tomatoes = pick of the tomatoes
Diced = crappier tomatoes, odd shaped, bruised, slight damage
Crushed = the rest

Not necessarily any worse but that’s the order

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I confess I have paralysis by analysis when it comes to shopping for equipment. Going to buy an adjustable bench, and trying to decide whether or not I’ll actually get any use out of one with the quad extension/hamstring curl attachment.

I thought females in power would lead to less conflict?

I always found those so flimsy and awkward… Maybe they’re better nowadays.


I wound up deciding against it. Not worth the extra money for me.


I have distracted myself with a lot of silly content this past 18 months. Mouse Trap reviews, tool restoration, tidying overgrown lawns, etc but I have found peak video content that’s so disgusting it requires a confession:

Fixing screwed up spreadsheets.

Amazing stuff. You can find good 15+ minute videos or a 30 second grab (Hello Netflix!!) - literally nothing to complain about.


Not less, different. You start with a down-the-nose look at the adversary. Then maybe repeat what they just said or did, but with a tone of disbelief. As things escalate, you create an atmosphere of chilly silence. Eventually, as the chill seeps into their bones and they begin to start recklessly discharging their weapons to make it all stop, tears.

I actually had a patient in on Wednesday who had a totally wretched romantic weekend last weekend, which he was reenacting for me (the screaming, the tears, and then eventually “hold me”), and afterward the psychiatrist in the office next door came to my door, offering to diagnose my patient (histrionic personality disorder). Haha, but no, it’s the girlfriend with the disorder. My patient is a relatively sedate IT guy. Although after the weekend of conflict…well, not as sedate. He definitely lost the war.


You watch videos of people fixing spreadsheets?

I was about to ridicule you - but no. That sounds very satisfying.

Confession (not related to working out but still):
I used to help my wife with her spreadsheets - to track teacher progress (she trained teachers). Only simple functions like “count if” or “Mround”. But she had no clue.
She took my spreadsheet and gave it to everyone doing the same job - just change the input data of the teachers and BAM it works. Everyone now and again I’d get a call (from my wife) because “so and so” has deleted a line / cell or the sheets not working. So I’d get it back and then damage they had done was outstanding. I would then pretend to spend time “fixing” the issue. In reality I would copy and paste the input data into a new template which was saved to my laptop.

I once spent about 2 hours pretending to fix a spread sheet. When in reality I had copied and pasted the data in about 30 seconds.
The deal was anytime spent doing work stuff for her was time I had to myself later in the week to watch rugby on TV.

You know what - I’m not even ashamed of this.


Genuinely curious. How are you confident in that just hearing one side of the story?

Confession: I have a Boy Scout campout with the family this weekend and I’m dreading it. Boy Scout leaders tend to creep me out for some reason. This particular troop schedules meetings Sunday afternoons during NFL games. Can’t trust a man who would do that.