Flame Free Confession III: Even More Flame Free (Part 2)

Don’t let the research fudging fool you though.

The rules on distance of terminals and the speed of signal transfer still apply to the peripherals.

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Two confessions:

  1. I stayed up until 11 last night. First time doing this since idk how long…. It was really fun playing Mario kart and BSing with friends. I put up a $100 incentive for the person who could get my friend (that one) tk drink. Unfortunately he had plans with his new gf and left early

  2. My friend (that one) admitted to making a couple of mistakes in his applications. I made much worse, but considering how nitpicky he is, I don’t feel so bad anymore

'Bro science tells me the empty stomach aspect is way more important than the 6-8 hours apart aspect. Personally, I exceed the hours apart aspect fairly often because I forget to stop snacking.

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Is Alpha Male the one with tribulus and Tongkat Ali? The latter is usually referred to by it’s scientific name (lol) - I think it’s “long…” something. @T3hPwnisher ?

For tribulus, the last time I used it was when it was in Tribex. Gave me a terrible stomach upset on an empty stomach.

The tongkat ali ingredient is REAL SHIT lol. Where I lived, every coffee shop would offer it mixed with coffee. Supposed to increase sex drive. Everyone swore by it. And I did see some really credible science stuff that validates this.

The generation after mine doesn’t know about it. Only the old timers loved it. These fellows would drink either that or Guiness mixed with one uncooked egg before going on their weekend sexcapades in the Red-Light district at those sleazy night clubs.

I’m still wondering if the scientific name includes “long…” because of this.

Straight from the source

You science folks are too much for I, a simple barbarian.


I confess that the only real reason to do any research is to justify yourself TO yourself.

I gravitate toward low carbs. Why? Well read a little bit of what Jon Andersen has put out there

You’ll understand that there’s no such thing as an essential carb.


My wife has taken to making sourdough bread, and yesterday was the maiden voyage of our starter.

Sourdough is, of course, amazing…but should I eat it?

I mean: of course I should! Check THIS out

It’s fitting that article came out on Christmas, because what a gift it was.

And to make it ALL “above board”, all I need to do is eat my sourdough around my workout!

Which is why I had it after Super Squats this morning…which went swimmingly, thank you for asking

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I confess my peanut butter is gone.

I confess my celery is not.

I confess my Monday just went from bad to worse.


Mayonnaise to the rescue!

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Now that’s barbaric.


fill it with cheese


My local Walmart’s was out of these the entire month of November; now that Thanksgiving is over, they’re back on the shelves; fortunately, I care not that 'tis not the season.


“Great for Sharing”



You know, I didn’t really think there was a “wrong” choice for what to put on celery. And then you said this.

Guess I learn something new every day.


Never noticed that, and it is pretty funny.

Take human bites, you barbarians!

My team and I have a project due thursday. We will only be done on Wednesday at the earliest. This is the first time I will be finishing a big project like this less than 2 weeks before the deadline

I am actually really proud of myself because I found out this morning that there was some analysis I needed to do and that I had no idea how to do it. I did figure it out and stayed extremely calm

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I am close to 300 pounds…those are human bites.

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I saw a TikTok of a dude kicking an animal bone to toughen up his shins for MMA.
Has anyone (who have/or is involved a combat sport) done something like this before? That’s pretty cool ngl, I wonder if that actually works. If I punched a steel column for years would I have fists of steel?

Muay Thai fighters were renown for kicking a banana tree to toughen up their shins

And wing chun had the wooden dummy

And certain Karate styles had the makiwara

Ask Mas Oyama: you’ve have arthritis so bad you can’t hold your grandkids.

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When I was training Muay Thai we used to run bowling pins :bowling: back and forth on our shins to toughen them.

Hurts like hell but does help.

It does. It both kills nerve endings in that area so it doesn’t hurt as much in the future, and it also causes bone microfractures, which heal stronger.

Some forms of MMA (muay tai) do this intentionally, but it is also a byproduct of training martial arts.

I have punched many a wall in my younger/angrier days. My right hand middle knuckle is noticeably larger than that of my left. This is not a coincidence.