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Flame Free Confession III: Even More Flame Free (Part 1)

Over in another thread: our favorite Holocaust denier is back.

I think you get a gallon of milk a day and that is it.

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Got my bonus dispersed today. Did I put a chunk of it in savings and use a chunk to pay some bills? Yes, that I did. Am I going to spend a chunk of it on something I’ve been putting off? I’d like to, but I’ll be damned if I could make a decision.

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Humblebrag: I get a fairly sizeable annual bonus in March and deciding what to spend whatever I don’t save on is a huge part of my Q1. I find your post incredibly relatable.

This year I’m getting married a week after it gets paid so that answers that question…

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My bonus went towards buying the nail polish on my wife’s pinkie finger. Im on a 10 year payment plan for the other fingers.

Weddings are the biggest of scams.


I confess that now “I see you”, I read one of your food “confessions”, and I think of your polar opposite -the Fatty mcFat who goes with their buddies to a burger/pizza/fried chicken place, orders a big salad, no dressing, a large diet soda, and proclaims to the world at large that they can’t figure out how they’re the only one at the table who has trouble losing weight…

…then they go home, plop on the couch to binge watch Netflix for 24 hours, stuffing Oreos/chips/M&Ms non-stop…but they’re not stuffing their face, because they’re just watching TV!

TLDR??? :laughing:

I agree with this.

You’re still married. I’m long divorced.

I have no idea what I should confess about that.

We’re eloping and having a few drinks for friends and family afterwards. It’s “only” costing a few grand but a decent clip of that is being spent on us.

If she had wanted to do a big traditional wedding we would have but fortunately she didn’t and I’m more than happy to save myself €25,000+ because of that.


The show rich bride poor bride will really make you grateful for your wife’s view of weddings

Haha I hear ya man, I’m in the process of buying a home so whatever I do opt for will be pretty small.

Regarding your one post…

My butt is so sore it feels like someone has repeatedly hit it with a large hard object !! Flame free

What ever you and your significant other does is your business…


@T3hPwnisher @flappinit I’m out, sainthood has worn off, I was never that dumb.

Tag, one of you can be it.


Until the dude decides he doesn’t want to be a victim, it’s a lost cause.


Don’t be unfair, he has no access to beef, just an unlimited supply of Digiorno’s Meat Lovers Pizza.


@dagill2, @T3hPwnisher, @flappinit

Oh well, it is what it is :rofl:

To be fair, meat and beef don’t have to be the same. I’ve heard cheap grocery stores sell ground meat instead of ground beef. :man_shrugging:

In China, “meat” unless otherwise specified = pork


This most likely explains all the giggling I received when I was requesting constant meatings.


I had to check average prices for weddings in my country. Found a more reasonable figure. And it’s not uncommon to have an cover charge instead of a wedding present.

Fixed it for you, you uncultured swine.