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Flame Free Confession III: Even More Flame Free (Part 1)

Because the Flame Free Confession thread was probably my most visited thread.

My Flame Free Confession: I bought a kindle initially because I mostly read in the bath and i got fed up of replacing water damage to dropped paperbacks. Sound piece of reasoning there.


Another great reason for audiobooks!

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Never tried them. I’d be interested in hearing the accents some of them are read in.

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Flame Free: I think @The_Myth is a cheater and should have his thread closing title removed.


Winners open threads, not close them

Edit: anyone got any skill at photoshop? I think this could be a motivational poster


But, I mean…

You wanna see second prize?

Confession: I literally forgot that threads could actually fill up and lock with this system. I don’t remember when it happened last.


I love them! Scott Brick is my narrator. I have the Audible and Libby apps. Libby is free but I don’t know if you would have something like in the UK. You just have to have a library card.

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I might have to look into them. Especially for the car, radio is getting extra tedious.

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Pretty sure bet it was with the first Flame-Free Confession thread.


I should’ve guessed.

Really actually glad to see three training logs among the all-time most active topics. Good on you guys.


Well I am just crushed that my log is not in the running. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I just killed a fruit buffet-I’m guessing about a kilo of cantaloupe :rofl:
It’s okay if I only get 3 servings of veggies in today right? :wink:

I just realized @dagill2 placed it in Off Topic and not in Bigger, Stronger, Leaner.

Now all hell breaks loose. @Chris_Colucci

I see it as an upgrade to my free entertainment

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It was moved to a more appropriate place, wasn’t my choice. Not sure how to sign post that to any regulars to see yet

Trust me, they will see…

I see. But yeah, it feels more appropriate here as it has become more of a general community discussion thread

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It’s all turned out for the best then.

Anyone want to talk about starting salaries for nurses?


pretty sure we’d end up talking about semantics if we did…

I only understood the reference now. There’s a line there that really ticks me off. But I know it’s pointless talking to that guy.