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Flamboyant Russian Bodybuilder Routine


Well if there's one thing for sure, no one in this auditorium, judges included, is going to forget this routine. I suppose it's a break from the 'Anvil of Crom' or any of the usual suspects that accompanies a lot bodybuilding routines lol

I wonder how he finished?


Love it.


That was awesome as fuck.


Dope! next guy up is like facck lol


This is Vadim Skornyakov, who is, in addition to being a comic dancer and bodybuilder, also a respectable wrestler.

He's another one I'd give pretty good odds on against the brown bear.

If anything, he'd totally pwn the bear with his mad dance skillz.


They're break-dance fighting!



Fred Smalls has a cool routine too if i'm not mistaken.


is that bollywood?


His reunite is from popular children's comedy. there's nothing flamboyant about it. In fact the announcer at the end commends him for being an "incredibly positive person".


Bodybuilder does the Robot.