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Flahute Endurance Diet Log

Flahute:A Flahute thinks the Tour de France is just a bunch of long training rides. A real race is one where itâ??s pouring rain, itâ??s cold, the roads are treacherous, and the prize list is about the same as your 8-year-old neighborâ??s allowance. When youâ??re a Flahute, thatâ??s racing.

So since it doesn’t involve weightlifting currently…I’m sure alot of people won’t be concerned with my fight. I’m a big guy who gets the job down…Usually it’s ass to grass squats that gets peoples attention. I’m going to try something new. I’m going to put down the weights and just ride my bike. T-Nation has been kind to me, and I know they have something to offer endurance folks…and I still like reading the articles here so I decided to post my progress on here.

So the idea is that I get as lean as possible…The best bike racers are as lean as bodybuilders…So two questions arise? What do you look like and what are you going to eat? Attached is a pic. My goal is to post pics every week until I get to my goal weight. Talk a little about my workouts…and the diet plan…a way of eating, right? Here goes:

Breakfast-6-8 Egg whites, 1 serving Oatmeal, and 1 fruit
Snack-1 cup beans or 1 can tuna
Lunch-8-10 oz. of chicken with either rice w/veggie or just veggies(depending on what my training is like)
Snack-Hand full of walnuts/almonds or 2 tbs. of Valencia peanut butter
Dinner-6-8 oz. of fish and a salad…

On the weekends I’ll eat more beef…some liver maybe. Coffee…Black…Snacks are limited to 1 piece fruit or No salt or butter Popcorn or Peanut Butter…Getting the dairy out of my diet is pretty hard…I will succeed. I’m 5’ 7" and weigh 220…First pics are attached.

Workout: Today I rode for 2 hours after work…after a warmup did 45 min. zone 3 avg hr of 161…big gear to work on my on the bike strength…then rode home from Central Park which take about 50 min…

Fasted 1 hour ride in the AM…Breakfast was whole eggs and oatmeal. Ratio’s a little off, since I didn’t prepare it myself. Almost lunch time…gettin’ hungry.