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Flag Football


This shit is fun… Our team is goin into our second season. Anyone else play?

Yes, I still play every Saturday all year long. Love it. Nothing beats catching a TD or getting an INT and wanting to do it again next week.

We won our league championship last summer. I’m 38 (white guy standing on left), most of the guys are 25-30. I have to stay in terrific shape just to keep up.

Try to include sprint workouts into your routine if you can. I run sprints 3x a week at my local soccer field. I normally do 8 300’s, 8 100’s, and 8 60’s in around 35 minutes. Sprints are way more effective for both sports and bodybuilding than running 3 miles on a treadmill.

Good luck!

nice man. Thanx for the tips on the sprints, we sprint when we practice but not so much since we aint got too much practice time due to all our work schedules and my gym time. So we usually got an hour of light to practice 1-2x a week. We lookin to atleast make the playoffs this season(we started last season halfway through as a replacement team and played the top three teams in our first three games). But by the next winter season I think we should atleast be head of our division. Where yall play?

In two leagues at the moment and play leagues and tournaments year around. Some people say that ff is for sissys. Those are people who have never played.

Flag football out here (long island) is fucking competitive as hell. You have to be in great shape to even consider playing

Played a year in college and went to the Flag Football National Tourney competing the college division (New Orleans, Dec '07). We got beat out by the team (UCF) which eventually placed second. Those guys take their flag football very seriously! It is a great way to play football without the expense (and hassle) of all the gear. It was an awesome experience especially because all the rest of the schools there were big name, Division I colleges and we were an NAIA from South Dakota.

[quote]BSrunner wrote:
Flag football out here (long island) is fucking competitive as hell. You have to be in great shape to even consider playing[/quote]

Yeah man obviously in Texas football is king. It’s pretty much all ex college or elite highschool players and even a few ex pros. We’re getting ready for our 8-man league right now - 8 games over two days + playoffs. Wish us luck.

after college i decided to join a buddies league its pretty fun nothing like returing a pick for a touchdown on some quaterback

Only kids on YouTube reckon FF is for pussies. I wish we played it here. We play Touch over summer and it’s just too easy to get touched, still heaps of fun though.