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Flag Burning at LSU Campus


An angry mob stormed a university campus yesterday to stop a student burning the U.S. flag in support of the 'human rights' of suspected terrorists.

Louisiana State University student Ben Haas widely advertised his 'free speech' protest on social networking sites in an attempt to draw attention to the supposed maltreatment of those suspected of terrorism.

But the event did not go quite as planned after patriotic students turned up in their hundreds, booing loudly, heckling and chanting 'USA! USA!' in a huge counter-protest which stopped him from going through with his threat.



Moral of the story, don't bring no flag burnin' bullshit to LSU.

This asshole burned a flag at a War Memorial, fucking prick.


It sounds like he was making a valid point, but burning the flag just seemed an inflammatory (no pun) gesture designed to wind people up. He has the right to say what he thinks and we have the right to respond or not listen

EDIT: I didn't see it was at a war memorial. That's just stupid



No one stopped him from speaking, he was just shouted down, something people have the right to also do.


I think he should take a look at the rights people have in the places he's supporting. Maybe he'd like to concentrate on something larger, like people getting their heads chopped off.


Sorry if it wasn't clear, my point was he could speak but you could shout him down. I'm agreeing with you here.


Hommie is lucky he did not get thrown a beating.

It is his right, but burning a flag on a war memorial is just about one of the most ignorant things out there.


lol at these douchebag kids not even letting a kid protest, the kid burning the flag has every right to do what he did, and what I like to think that separates U.S. from other countries/people is our tolerance to allow people to do what that kid wanted to do. But I guess not, fuck that school and fuck those kids.

At the end of the day what to ME makes America great is the ability to burn your own countries flag, demean the military, critique the government.


LOL @ intolerance of intolerance.

They never stopped him from protesting. They had every right as much to speak.

The kid was doing something stupid and ignorant and intolerant to get attention and he got it.

Would you support him if he was wanting to say, do something intolerant of muslims, or gays.

What if he was going to burn a Koran?


Dude ya they stopped him, they were throwing shit at him. If that doesn't count as hindering someones ability to speak then I don't know what does.

While I wouldn't support him(never said I supported him in the first place) in any of those things you mentioned, I wouldn't try to stop him either nor would I yell/chant/scream in his face.


Support is the wrong word. But would I recognize their (or anyone's) right to free speech? Yes. As would any real patriotic American.


Bingo, these people in the video however did not. They just scream in his face chanting USA USA USA. Because ya know if you burn the American Flag you are Anti-American.


Keep this in mind...

This fuck-stick burned at flag at a War Memorial prior to this event.


USA..USA...USA... Yeah yeah we allow people to run over our red, white and blue. Yet when a fucking Koran is being burned a shitstorm is made by the media. Its our fucking right to burn a false ideology or a religion book.
We as Americans are being too PC. We are here to protect our rights not those fucking other folks. Its self-preservation my friends. God, Country and Family.
And yes they have a right to speak what they feel but like my wifey tells me, words have consequences. You can do what you want want but everything has a price.


Makes him an asshole, that much is certain. But rights are rights, they are not given and withheld at any man's whim.


Which is one of the many reasons why America is better than Afghanistan or Pakistan or China--because here we allow people to shit on the country/religion/ideology.


Sounds like a logical conclusion to draw from such an act to me...?


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"I prefer a man who will burn the flag and then wrap himself in the Constitution to a man who will burn the Constitution and then wrap himself in the flag."

Craig Washington