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Flabby Skin


Hi all,
Longtime reader here, couple time poster, anywayz...I know it's probably been covered, But I'm one of those people that wants individual attention and wanna interact instead of just reading.

SO here I go...I used to be kinda built (see photo) but I got lazy (went unT-Mag'd for a while) and gained some weight (fat...damn pizza hut job). I've recently refueled my desire to get big and I've started training again, with pretty good results (thanks Hot-Rox!) But I've got a trouble area. You know what it is...

That flabby skin under your arms before the pit....I've got that from the weight/muscle loss I went through. Anyone know how to isolate that area to get rid of those damn flabs? I've been doing trap and tri work, but nothing seems to truly get rid of it. Any advice /results would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



You can not isolate an area to make skin shrink. The skin has stretched from the fat you had, and it will be loose for a while.

People who get lipo have flabby skin for a while until it contracts. I'm not sure what their regimin is to get the skin to 'shrink' as I haven't had lipo.

Your other option is to fill in all that extra skin with muscle.



Depending on how fat you were and where the loose skin is located, sometimes it does not contract. Sad but true.

"Fill it with muscle" is a nice thought, but not if the flab in on your lower belly or sides where most people's is! There's a limit there of course.

I think the surgery is call abdomnioplasty. It's not lipo, but a removing of the extra skin. All those who people who lose over 100 pounds usually get it. I've seen pics of the their FEET of loose skin. Nasty.


damn...thanks for the replies! I've got the fat on my sides as well, I'm hoping to build up my upper body area and "pull" that flabby side skin 'up' but I don't know if that'll work. I'm still kinda chunky...sorta, when I wear a loose shirt my pecs are big enough to make the shirt just hang down and cover my potbelly, but when you look at me head on, or I'm walking, you can still see some jellyroles on my sides...I hope I can get rid of that...more cardio in order me thinks....

As far as Lipo, I don't think I absolutely need it, nor can I afford it, only 19 here, lol. I still have tons of room to grow, so I'll try to fill out my arms the old fashioned way...Mag-10 v.2.0 here I come! LOL


You want to get big, yet you buy a supplement used for leaning down, and focus on a bit of flab and how to get rid of it.

You have much to learn.


On a second take Joe, are you sure you've READ T-Mag - you know...EVER?
You must be reading some evil subliminal messages by TC, probably in his hopes of becoming the only eligible bachelor, the bastard.

READ the articles, for god's sake.


Trap work won't help under your arms, man. You just have to give it time. Flabby skin will go away after awhile. Don't pull on it or show it off to anyone by doing so (yeah, right) as this will keep it stretched and limber. I'm sure there are some external skin tightening creams you can get, but I've never done any searches for anything like that. Ask Jared from Subway, haha.

damn Diesel, you can be hard on people sometimes.


i thought i was doomed to flabby skin problems too

I found that seriously doing alot of cardio, following a good diet (dont deit diet for me) and exfoliating the skin every other day with dead sea salts has helped me. Whilst it's not tight it's alot tighter than it was and i can see my abs now


Well, diesel, ya know, I wanna "lose weight but get big" - an oxymoron, no? I don't know what I was on when I typed that whole trap thing. I'm focusing on getting a little leaner but wanted to use Mag-10 to at least maintain during the diet and crap. I'm doing some cardio now..though not much...you have to see, before, I never thought about cardio, when I was bigger(muscular) I never did the stuff (other than wrestle {fake WWE type stuff}). Now I've started warming up with .5 mile walk, 1.0 run, and cool down with a .5 jog. I'm also trying burnouts and going non-stop station to station (no "wait for my next lift so I can read 'Seventeen' and watch daytime soaps on the soccermom screens"). Hopefully this pure hell (for me, anyway) will pay off and I'll rid myself of this flabbyfatskinstuff...


Hey, there, JoJoe. Things will get better if you maintain (or add to) your current weight. Just make sure you're making this a lifestyle and that you DON'T yo-yo diet. Eat clean, work out, do your cardio -- and do it all at a level you can sustain for the long term.

Re the Mag-10, you'd be better off using 4AD-EC. Mag-10 is better suited for all-out bulking. 4AD-EC will do the job you want done very well (preserve and maybe add a little LBM). It can be used continuously for longer periods of time (8 weeks) than Mag-10. And best of all, it's cheaper.

Good luck to you!!!